Thursday, February 1, 2018


It  has been a while since I have exposed some of Toronto’s corrupt cops. With their faces exposed in the media, they will probably think twice, about acting corruptly. Sometimes the corruption is not sensational, but could be just as simple as forgetting this little fact. That they are suppose to represent the interest of the public and not the people that they are sometimes in league with. As in a conspiracy.  These police officers has their own sets of rules, that has nothing to do with the law. This is where their human nature and their personal characters, become evident. By exposing their faces to the public, you can get a glimpse into how they conduct their duties.  

23 Division Police Constable, D. Khan.
A really disgusting excuse, for a police
officer. Immoral and not beyond acting
outside of his duties. As in acting corrupt.
Officer Khan, was a partner, along with his
fellow officer, D. Rozman, in carrying out
an illegal eviction, for a crooked landlord. The
police job is not in, illegally, evicting
anyone. But these two had no problem
in acting corruptly, in regards to that

23 Division Police Constable, D. Rozman. It is not
just in telling someone, that they might get AIDS, this
cop, has no problem, in "bending the rules', to fit
a particular situation. I have seen him do exactly
that, in regards to a very corrupt landlord,Gloria
 Akinsara. He basically, carried out an  illegal
eviction, for her.


23 Division Police Constable, Dawood.
This one's problem, is that that he has a
really bad attitude. But I am sure that,
given the right situation, he can act
just as corruptly, as the other two
police officers, mentioned here.


If you need something done, in the "wrong" way, you just have to get two police officers, who are already "predisposed", to acting corruptly, on your team. I cannot report what the payoff was, because I do not know. But I can report that both officers Khan and Rozman, had no problem, in helping a crooked landlord, get rid of a troublesome tenant, through an illegal eviction. What else have they done, that has not been reported?. And along with these three, Toronto 23 Division Police, are their fellow officers, A. Kahlon and A. Crawford, (I could not locate their pictures, to post it here),who also acted corruptly, by assisting (aiding and abetting), a Toronto landlord, in not rescuing, or caring for an animal, but in maliciously giving it away, as a final act, in the landlord getting rid of her tenant. Those two officers, Kahlon and Crawford, are accused of both illegally entering the tenant's home, without a warrant and also of confiscating her animal, (in a conspiracy with the landlord) and giving it away to the animal shelter. What made them believed that the owner, had abandoned the animal, in the first place?. Leaving your animal in your own home for a few hours, cannot be seriously considered, as abandoning an animal. Yet those two 23 Division police officers, A. Kahlon and A. Crawford, took it upon themselves, to assist the landlord in getting rid of the animal, who also posed no trouble to the landlord. Could their actions have been based on something else?. It most certainly did. They were simply continuing with the job of their fellow officers, in making sure that the property owner, had gotten back her place, albeit, illegally. Now, they and the Toronto 23 Division Police, are also facing a lawsuit for breaching the tenant's privacy, by their illegal action. It is very simple. The Canadian Constitution, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, is supposed to protect someone, from an illegal search, or seizure. Most often carried out by the police. The tenant is suing them, for entering her home without a warrant, in her absence and carrying out a search and seizure of her property. The tenant has claimed, that her entire home was illegally searched, not once, but twice, in 24 hours, by the police and also without a warrant. During the first search, the police did not find what they were allegedly searching for. And the second time of their illegal search, they just confiscated her animal and this was done to inflict harm on the tenant.

If you have had dealings, with these Toronto police officers and others like them, do the public a favour and expose their faces in the media.  It just may act as a deterrent, against them acting even more corruptly, in the future. Or it might not. Either way, you've done your job as a concerned citizen. Don't worry too much about how they might react, to having their faces and their names, exposed, in a not so pleasant manner. They deserved it. It is bad enough that they are milking tax payers, with their undeserving and also astronomical and salaries.  Toronto police officers get paid a lot. And for what?. A few are decent and do their jobs as they are supposed to do. Other police officers, are just simply rogue cops. They have no problem in hiding their actions, behind their badges, as it also afford them the opportunity, when called upon, to act corruptly. Or to do something illegal. And we all know what illegal means right?. Or in this case in carrying out their legal duties. It might mean that they did so in such a way, as to leave no doubt, that they have not acted in the best interest of the public. It is for this very reason, that so many of their cases also, gets thrown out of court. They often cannot resist, interfering personally, while carrying out their duties. As I said before, the police has their own sets of rules, that also come in handy, when they either do not want to do something that is right, or do not care to. Very few of them deserve to be also called, "Toronto's finest". I guess that those in the media, who are making that statement, do not know what others in this society, goes through on a regular basis, when dealing with Toronto's so called 'finest'. Or more appropriately, "not so finest" police officers.