Friday, September 4, 2009



One of the most disgusting revelations that I have ever come across is in regards to the Toronto Police involvement in the perpetration of crimes against others in this society and all the while going about their daily business of presumably preserving the law. It is one of those issues that should be investigated fully because the police routinely carries out acts of terror and atrocities against the public that they themselves has either helped to orchestrate or is involved in directly and which also has violated those victims rights. As a Human Rights Activist I have also seen the length that they will go to try and implicate those that they have also targeted and using ways that are also illegal to do so. For the Toronto Police 13 Division in the area that I live in that city their actions has been recorded by me and others as being particularly disturbing because most of those crimes that they have also perpetrated against the public has for its basis racism. Specific targets of theirs such as this writer are also subjected to daily harassment from them and the many other ways that they have also employed in trying to set them up or to violate their rights in some other way. They also have helped other members of the public to do the same. I have personally witnessed that police division being involved in the perpetration of race related crimes and other criminal acts against the public and also proving themselves to be extremely racist which also does not surprise anyone. The fact that racism is an institution in this country and that the police is the extended arm of this government that are authorized to trample upon the rights of others in this society should be a concern for those interested in the protection of human rights in this country. They also carry out the most heinous and barbaric acts against some members of the public that should also be investigated seriously by those so called Human Rights organizations in Canada because these also constituted human rights abuse by international standards. This is why the public should support those who has been the targeted by the police or by the government for their beliefs or for other reasons. Those such as this writer and others who has made its actions known to the rest of the world and has been targeted directly as a result there by exposing its hypocrisy regarding human rights abuse that has long been covered up in this country. Your support for those who has been targeted will also go a long way towards protecting human rights in that country.