Friday, October 16, 2009

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff Comments

Ignatieff's Not So Very Sentimental Views About His Native Canada. And Also His Very Pro Israeli Attitude Was Also Revealed.
At a 2005 lecture at the University of Dublin’s Trinity College Ignatieff exhorted his views on his native country in his statements about Canada's human rights issues when he also berated Canadians for trading on Canada’s “entirely bogus reputation as peacekeepers for 40 years." He also followed this up by stating that Canadians also favoured “hospitals and schools and roads” over international citizenship. “If you are a human rights defender and you want something done to stop [a] massacre, you have to go to the Pentagon, because no one else is serious,” Ignatieff said.
"It’s disgusting in my own country... Canada, but they would rather bitch about their rich neighbour to the south than actually pay the note” he said in response to a question about peacekeeping. “To pay the bill to be an international citizen is not something that they want to do.”
Ignatieff gave the lecture while he was director of Harvard’s Carr Center for Human Rights Policy. He also specifically said during a lecture in Toronto and placing his hand on his heart that there was nothing more important for him than ensuring the continued existence and safety of the state of Israel. That comment may have also come not only from his personal attitude but also his professional view on the matter. In 2006 he had received criticism for his comment for saying that the Israeli government had committed "war crimes" in the bombing of a south Lebanon village, Qana, in which a building had collapsed, killing dozens of civilians. For that comment Ignatieff had said also that "all hell broke loose" and also that "It was the most painful experience of my short political life". He also had apparently learned from that mistake. To further proved that his views about Israel were also paramount in some of his decisions, Ignatieff has also endorsed a book that was pro Israel and ended up calling its authors "his friends" as well as stating that one of the "greatest influence of his intellectual life" was the zionist thinker Isaiah Berlin, whom he also said that "next to my father, I love most dearly" and "who had the greatest effect on my thinking". Finally Ignatieff has also admitted that "Israel may not have complied with the Geneva Convention." In his defense he did say "that both the Palestinian and the Israelis has a right to statehood." And also that "Canada can't remain in neutral" in regards to that matter.

Note: I'm interested in his views on Human Rights, which was his platform for many years before he went into politics, but which now also seemed to be contradictory after also stating his views in regards to the Israeli government, which has also been blatantly in violation of the International Declaration on Human Rights, that even the United Nations has also condemned in regards to its actions. Further Micheal Ignatieff's views on human rights issues will also affect the way that he deals with other countries in regards to Canada's foreign policy, and whether those practices will be considered as being humanitarian or not. I am talking here about those poorer countries that this government has also exploited directly and also in its immigration policy to exclude others from benefiting in return under international human rights laws. We also know that previously he did not think that this was the case. The question then is what are his views on those same issues now?