United Nations Found Canada Guilty of Human Rights Violations

The United Nation's report has acknowledged that the Canadian government was in violation of human rights. The report seemed to have alluded to the fact that the Canadian government should make amends regarding its human rights violations and called upon it to acknowledged its role in regards to those human rights abuse some of which I have touched upon on my blog such as its racism and its policy of exclusion towards different members of its society. Canada also has one of the most racist immigration policy that exist today and directly targeting specific groups of people both inside and outside of Canada and of course also the corruption that is involved in its bureaucracy. I believed that the silence in regards to its atrocities that are committed towards those living in this country should also be acknowledged. The best example of which is Canada's native people who like others have suffered at the hands of this government. On any given day there are countless human rights violations taking place in this country and along with those other countries that the United Nations has already acknowledged in regards to this issue. It is the same here in Canada where those same human rights abuse are taking place unnoticed for the most part and it was time for all of that to be finally acknowledged by the United Nations. The United Nations should also have acknowledged more of this country's actions in regards to those individual cases involving such human rights abuse as torture by the Canadian government both in this country and around the world and that by doing so that this would finally give a reprieve to those who have suffered at the hands of this government unjustly. Part of the problem is that their is a conspiracy on the part of some to keep those human rights abuse cases from being investigated fully and the best way of doing so was not to acknowledge its existence in the first place. For this all Human Rights agencies currently operating inside of Canada is responsible and included in this also is the Canadian media who has directly controlled what information that the public gets to hear on that issue. Most disenfranchised groups in Canada has no real protection under international law because those laws are not implemented the way it should due to the corruption of the Canadian government in dispensing justice in this country. the administration of justice is often perverted in all areas of law and this is where abuse of the rights of persons or groups in this country are affected the most. In Canada such actions needed to be regulated and to also be reinforced by the United Nations so that the rights of those in this country are protected as it should be and that the protection of those rights should not be dependent upon a corrupt system that has inherently been unfair to some groups and not others. Although the United Nations cannot force this government or any other government to comply with its requests it can shame also shamed it into compliance with its regulations by revealing from time to time its actions in regards to its human rights agenda as I am also doing on this blog. This is the reason also that I had decided to exposed its actions to the rest of the world on those issues. Simply put lives are adversely affected as a result of its actions on that issue and that should also change. Of course my reasons are also personal because of the human rights abuse regarding my own case by this government which has made me I believed more than qualified and even justified to report on that issue by this government which also in my case has also continued up until the present time and for which I am now also totally dedicated in exposing at this time. My focus is primarily on those cases of human rights abuse that gets little or no attention but is happening in this country nevertheless. One of the best examples of this is the torture and abuse of innocent people which are carried out systematically and in all areas. For instance the brutal rapes of women in Canadian jails and prisons most of which are minority women. That problem is of epidemic proportion and regularly occurs without much attention from human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and others operating in this country at present. The other areas of human rights abuse has also included the arbitrary arrest and detention of political prisoners in this country who are also most often set up by the Canadian authorities and the denial of their rights under the law as well as those who has been tortured by the police and have also been subjected to the abuse of their human rights. This government has persistently refused requests to have such male guards watched over female prisoners and as a result there has been much criminal actions on their part including impregnating some of those women that they have also raped under those circumstances. There are also women who have been brutalized in much the same way as those women in Canadian jails by other Canadian police forces such as women who has been coerced into having sexual relationships with Canadian enforcement agents or immigration officers in exchanged for their freedom and I have duly collected all of those incidences as a testimony against this government's human rights abuses that are still being perpetrated against the innocent in this society. Among them also are the mentally ill and the poor two categories among human rights abuse cases that are also systematic and regularly infringed upon by the Canadian government. If it do away with its corrupt practices of keeping those corrupted government and public officials who currently occupy positions of power and care nothing about public interest it will begin to affect changes that are necessary in this country. Those people will never go and neither will this government change its attitude on human rights issues in this country. The alternative to this is to make its actions known so that the whole world can see it for what it truly is. A racist country that exploits those it considers as being weak and a hypocrite on most issues concerning human rights. And most like me who already believes that it is a police state and there is plenty of evidence to back up this claim. For victims of human rights abuse in this country I would encouraged the giving of support to those victims such as victims of torture or those persecuted for their beliefs and other forms of human rights abuse in this country at present. These all face the same predicament. They have no voice at present where many of those cases are as yet unheard of for the most part or not even acknowledged by those who have abused their rights meaning the Canadian government. This would bring me back to the lies or misinformation that has been told or the misrepresentation of facts that the public has been led to believe on the issues of human rights abuse in Canada on the new website that has been promoted by the Canadian government in regards to its human rights. This website located at www.humanrights.ca is supposed to be dedicated to the promotion of human rights in this country. Its intention is to promote the museum that has been built by the Canadian government that is dedicated to human rights in this country! It is a complete hypocrisy! It is not as if the actions of this government has changed from those of the past! Think about its actions in the past in regards to its human rights abuses and its actions currently in regards to that issue? There is no difference in its approach to the problem and only when it is shamed into compliance does it take any actions regrading that matter. It has continued to deceive the public regarding those issues? One thing is certain its actions will no longer remain hidden. As more and more cases of its human rights abuse come to light I believe that it will be finally begin to acknowledge its actions on that issue. But maybe I am dreaming.

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