Thursday, September 23, 2010


Steven Harper, Canada's Prime Minister, is seeking a seat on the U.N. Security Council. Has that prime minister no shame? Does the existing record of blame, that is also evident in its role as a peacekeeper, any suggestion of what its future actions will be, if the United Nations allow this request. Before the United Nations even consider its request, it should also look at that country's human rights record, which is not good. It should also look at its past roles, in peacekeeping missions around the world and let those records speak for itself. The list is quiet long of Canada's unintentional "abuses", that are committed by its soldiers, in those countries. If its recent "peacekeeping" activities, in Afghanistan, is also any indication, of what the United Nations can also expect that government to do, then the record actually speaks for itself. Not only has Canadian soldiers endangered the lives of those in countries, such as Afghanistan, Haiti, and any other place around the globe, that it has set up its "peacekeeping" missions, and it has also tried to cover up those actions, until it was also forced to acknowledge its wrong doing, by those who has taken the risk to do so. And I really mean that they have taken a risk, because this government is corrupt and those actions are simple not a priority, to be addressed, or even to be taken seriously. Unless it is forced to do so. After all, as one of the richest countries in the world and a member of the G8, it is also in the business of the exploitation, of those countries it has also pretended to protect, in its peacekeeping missions. Here are some things to also keep in mind about Canada's intentions, when it comes to the armed resistance around the world. It is a staunch supporter of Israel's racist zionist government and in fact, it has allowed the Israeli goverment to also recruit soldiers from Canada, to serve in that country. That means that Canadian soldiers, who are serving in that military, are in the business of killing innocent and totally harmless women and children, in Palestine. The racism of the United States, Israel and Canada, regarding how it has treated indegenious populations, is also ignored by the Canadian government and Canadian corporations are also at the forefront, in the exploitations of those poor countries around the world. Where the natural resources and also the contribution to the depopulation of those countries, are also a part of the agenda of those rich countries, like Canada and the way that they have achieved this, is mainly through the wars and global conflicts that are started in those countries. Has the Canadian government changed its attitude on any of those issues, recently? Or is Steven Harper hoping to deceived the United Nations delegations, and somehow hoped that it will not noticed, either its past, or current actions. All of those issues that I have just mentioned, are also serious human rights concerns, globally and the U.N. would also have to ignore the existing evidence against that country, to even consider its request. It is also true that some Canadian soldiers has sacrificed their lives, in those peackeeping misions, but when that is also compared to the millions who also die, as a result of that government's policies also, then the result of this disparity, is also quite clear. That its "good" actions, in those peacekeeping roles, are also not sufficient, to cover the other evils, that has resulted from its other actions. Besides, does Canada also innocently believe that those other countries, including Africa and the Middle East, who are also represented at the United Nations, will also ignore its actions on some of those issues? If they do, then Steven Harper is lucky, but I also seriously doubt, that they will.