Friday, April 8, 2011



Kehilla is the official housing agency of UJA Federation of Greater Toronto

Mission Statement:
The Kehilla Residential Programme (KRP) identifies and champions affordable housing in the Greater Toronto area and implements housing initiatives for the Jewish community

Investigation Involved Breach of Public Trust, Corruption and Conspiracy.


Accusations of Racism Against Kehilla Residential Programme,
By Residents Of Some Toronto Public Buildings.

Putting public pressure, on the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, to heed to public concerns and end Deloitte Touche and Kehilla Residential Programme, long term policy, in managing some public buildings, for the city of Toronto. Deloitte&Touche and Kehilla Residential Programme, has been accused of instigating racist policies, against non-jewish residents, at some of those buildings.

The residents are fed up with them and want them to leave. More importantly, they want them to be investigated, for breach of public trust, concerning their actions, at some of those buildings, like the Moshav Noam Coop.

Deloitte&Touche is one of those companies, that also believes that money and corruption, goes together and for Deloitte it also does. I am talking about the Canadian element, of that international company. And it should also surprise no one that it is being accused, of acting corruptly. As for Kehilla Residential Programme, it has promoted jewish racism at those buildings, it has managed for the city of Toronto.

It is also currently seeking, to managed some of them, on a permanent basis, something that the residents of those buildings, also do not want. I know of Kehilla and Deloitte's actions personally, as a resident, of one of those buildings. But I have also been contacted, by other members of the public, some of them through this blog and my other articles, about those companies and the stories about them, are all too familiar. Open racism on their part, against non-jewish residents and other actions, that also goes against public interest.

Kehilla Residential Programme, employees, such as Lisa Lipowitz, are accused
of openly carrying out racist policies, at some of the buildings. That's not all, she is also accused, of lying, about her activities and carrying out the harassment, of residents, and of course racism, which also included a policy of exclusion, for people who either live in those buildings, or those who want to become a resident, of any of those buildings. Those within the government, and especially those within the Ministry of Municipality Affairs and Housing, who are also to be blamed, for not taking the complaints, of the public about their actions, more seriously.

Public Inquiries are serious affairs, that are also intended, to restore public confidence. That is why I am also relieved, that they are now being investigated, under the Public Inquiries Act, concerning their actions and that they must now, answer to the public, for their corruption.