Saturday, April 9, 2011




How can the Ministry of the Attorney General, explain this one? Prosecutorial misconduct, is quite common in Canadian courts. They like to "fix" cases, for their own benefit, not for the administration of jusitce. This one, involving my case, will also reveal, just how far this corruption, really goes. Some days ago, I received a letter, from the Ministry of the Attorney General's office, advising me, that a matter, that I had scheduled in the Ontario Court Of Appeal, on April 11, 2011,was now rescheduled, for April 12,2011. The surprising thing about this, was the fact, that, I also had another matter, scheduled for April 12, 2011, where I have to give evidence, as a witness.

It is impossible for the Attorney general's office, not to have known, when they and the Court of Appeals, changed the date of my hearing, from April 11,2011, which was also scheduled two months in advance, and I had also put that date, on my blog,(read my other article), to the new date, of April 12, at 9.30 a.m. The exact same time, that I must also be at the other hearing, on the other matter. This "oversight" on the part of the prosecutors, for the Ministry of the Attorney general, as well as the court, has also happened before. It was not an oversight, but a deliberate attempt, by the prosecutors and the court, to obstruct justice and to interfere with both of my matters, before the courts.


Superior Court of Justice, judge, in the civil motions division, in Toronto.
Her direputable conduct, gets her a complaint, for a judicial review and by making a mockery of justice. What her decision really says, is that, "You don't have the same rights, as every one else". Interesting, coming from a judge, who claimed to be interested, in the protection of women's rights. I guess, it is not the case, if you are a Black woman, like I am, but maybe if I was jewish?. I was before that corrupt judge, recently, requesting an injunction, to stop the actions of the respondents, which included Deloitte&Touche, which were injurious to me.

Injunctive relief are often sought, in order to stop some one's actions, who is often breaking the law, in some form or fashion and you want to stop them from abusing your rights, any further. It is a demand upon the court, to grant this relief, especially, when some one's personal safety, is also at risk. The judge, Susan Himel, denied the request, without giving any reasons. All that I was seeking, was a temporary injunctive relief, first, because it would also stop the other party, from continuing with their injurious actions, against me, but also, to bring them back to court, at a later date, to settle the dispute.

Dealing with this kind of corruption in Canadian courts, you can see why no cameras, are also allowed in any Canadian courts. From the media, onwards, absolutely no courts in Canada, allows it proceedings, to be recorded. It has been challenged many times and unsuccessfully. That is why corrupt judges, like S. Himel, can do as they please, because the public cannot observe their actions. They claim that the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, protects everyone. As you can also see, that is not the case. For the court and judges like S. Himel, to refuse a request for an injunctive relief, to stop someone's injurious actions, shows the depth and the depravity, of the moral standards of Canadian courts.

The judge's actions, clearly bring disrepute, to the court, and to the issue of justice in this country, by deciding who are entitled, to the protection of the Charter of Rights and who is not. One by one the public should expose those judges who act corruptly and who make decisions, that goes against public interest. Based on their own corruption, and because they often do this behind closed doors. Sometimes with no witnesses, depending on who is also before the court, which is also another charter violation, since the public is also entitled, to view the proceedings of the court. I am not complaining, I am exposing them. I have the opportunity to do so and I'm definitely, using it to my advantage.

By writing about it publicly, the world get to see that I am not making these things up. Better yet, look at the public records that are also available. It is also shocking. Judge Susan G. Himel, did not act alone, I also believe, in my case.
No, she is part of a bigger conspiracy, to deny me any justice and to corrupt moral standards. Of course, her actions also brings irreparable damage and disrepute to the justice system in Canada. It is also based on hypocrisy and lies. And it is a mockery, to human rights, everywhere. Which is why I'm also exposing them.