Tuesday, July 30, 2013




See the December 7, 2012, article, about police officer, James Forcillo, on this blog. He has acted corruptly then, as he also did most recently, in the killing of the youth, Sammy Yatim. 

The teenager that was shot dead, on a streetcar and by the Toronto police on Saturday, also didn't have to
die, as many people who has seen the video, of the shooting, also believed. The teenager was also said to
be acting, in a somewhat threatening and also irrational manner, as if on drugs, or with some kind of mental issues. It was also an unnecessary use of a deadly force and one that could have also been prevented. Instead the rogue police officer, James Forcillo, who has fired the fatal shot, that has killed the teenager, has also been regarded by the media, unjustifiably, as somewhat blameless, for the killing and not as the villian, that he is also known to be, by other members of the public. Although I also do not condoned, the use of a taser gun either, I think that it would have been more justified in this case, to stun the victim only, rather than to have killed him, with nine bullets.

When I saw the video, of the shooting of the 18 year old teenager Sammy Yatim, by the police, I started to cry. As I watched him fell, after the third shot, I also felt that the nine shots that were fired, by officer James Forcillo and the other police officers, were also unnecessary. I also felt guilty, for not making sure that officer James Forcillo, was also not investigated fully, for inappropriate conduct, as I had also initially started against him, back in 2012.

 I have exposed his actions here on my blog before, as a rogue police officer, because of his personal character and also conduct and has also had to report his actions, to the staff inspector of 14 division, as
an officer, who is known to act corruptly and to lie, during an investigation. Apparently, he remembered me, also, because the next time that I saw him, he also said to me, "The next time that you write my name 
on your blog, this is how you should spell it, with two lls and not one". Well, it turns out that the Toronto police 14 division, also read my blog. In fact it was only last week, after I had reported their actions, that they also decided to release the videos, that I had been asking for, that should also proved that they had lied, in an investigation, regarding a telephone incident, about the police at that division, also impersonating a legal aid lawyer, on the telephone. They also made that decision, the very same week, to release the videos of the incident, only after I had also reported their actions, about that incident on this blog.

James Forcillo was one of two police officers, who had investigated a complaint, that I had called the police about, after being attacked, in a public place, by a mentally deranged person. (Who I also believed, was used by the police, regarding that attack). The police officer, James Forcillo, then commented, that, "We are not going to speak to the person, or to investigate your complaint""We know you, you are the one, who said that you are going to speak, to the staff sergeant, about us, remember?".  Then he left and also did nothing, about that investigation. He later lied about the whole incident, in his report, which also led me to complained, to the staff inspector at that division (who then told me, later, to put my report about officer James Forcillo, to the special civilian unit in charge of public complaints). I also wrote an article, exposing officer James Forcillo, on my blog. He also had a grudge against me after that.

I am going to bet, also, that officer James Forcillo, was also one of the police officers, involved, who had also pretended, to be a legal aid lawyer on the telephone and later lied about it. It was at that time also, that he had also made the comment to me, that I didn't spell his name right, on my blog. He said  "The next time that you write my name on your blog, this is how you should spell it, with two lls and not one".  I looked at him disgustedly.  (In that article, I called him a rogue cop, as well). (See the Dec. 7, 2012 article, about James Forcillo, on this blog). Officer James Forcillo, was also part of the cover up, in the Hugues Idholo case, at the Toronto Police 14 Division. I felt that he was not an asset, but a liability to the police force, nor should he be representing the interest of the public either, because of his penchant to lie and act corruptly and by looking at his latest action, in the killing a teenager, with the use of excessive and deadly force, who I also believed was not that much of a threat, to the police at the time of the shooting. Only a few of the police officers, from the Toronto Police 14 Division, can also perhaps be regarded as decent, the rest of them are firmly, entrenched, in the corruption that is also prevalent, within that particular police division.

Constable James Forcillo, has been suspended, with pay and is also under an internal investigation, by the Toronto police, as well as by the SIU, the civilian body that investigate police conduct, in the use of deadly force, or when some one gets injured. In that case also, expect to also see a very bias report, of their investigation, of this case as well. Which should also be no different from the others, that has been investigated by the SIU, involving the Toronto police officers, who has killed other civilians and then were exonerated by the SIU. Only to continue with, the use of unnecessary deadly force, against the public.
More Corruption By The Toronto Police 14 division:
- A Toronto 14 Division Police Sergeant, who has refused to identified himself, or gave the wrong name, while in a private residence and also when asked. (See also the article on this blog).
- A Toronto 14 Division Police officer, who it is also believed, to be police constable James Forchillo, who gave "the finger", to a member of the public, when asked to give his name, or to identify himself. 
- The Toronto 14 Division Police, changing the name of an accused, in order to protect his identity, during the accused arrest, by the police and also later, at the court. (A case that was thoroughly documented and also reported on this blog). 
- The Toronto Police 14 Division, later also conspired, to removed the accused comments, from a 911 tape and to also withheld the same tape, of the accused comments, on the 911 tape, also from the court, in order that he not be convicted.
- The Toronto Police 14 Division, who is believed, to have also impersonated, a Legal Aide lawyer, and also denying the accused, of their right to their "one phone call", while at the police station.