The Canadian Government's Attacks Against Me. Why It Is Worried About What I Have To Say

I want to mention that because of the political work that I am doing currently, in exposing the Canadian government's human rights abuses and especially in individual cases, such as mine, to the rest of the world, the Canadian government has step up its harassment against me. I mentioned two weeks ago how police agents came to my home and arrested me and I was throwm in jail without being charged. They also produced no warrant all the while they were in my home. My request to get the names and badge numbers of these officers are being delayed deliberately. Because of the huge corruption that is involved in my case, I am appealing to the international human rights community and organizations to assist me in my efforts to not only protect my individual rights and freedom that are being violated by this government currently, through its illegal attacks against me, but also to get involved regarding human rights abuse in this country by the Canadian government, by listing it among those countries that are in violation of the United Nations Charter on those issues. I am still committed as ever, to seeing that human rights abuse in this country is exposed and the atrocities committed against individuals are investigated as it should. That the corruption that is practiced by Canadian government agencies on a mass level, where the criminal behaviour of these publicly appointed persons who use their positions as cover to carry out criminal actions against the public are exposed. This kind of action does not get any exposure in this country at present. The people who are involved are getting nervous about their actions and especially in my case, where the evidence of human rights abuse by the Canadian government's actions against me directly is so blatant, that it will shock those who believe in human rights or freedom and justice worldwide. I call upon Human Rights Organizations everywhere to get involved in what the Canadian government is doing in regards to ignoring international laws in its own country and persecuting those it believes has been exposing its actions. In its persecution of me as a political and social activist, it became evident that almost every significant Canadian government agencies are involved. They are all working together towards a common agenda at present and have now increased their attacks against me to stop me from doing what is naturally my right and that is to speak or to express my opinion on what I believe is corruption that is practiced by this government. That right is expressively protected under the United Nations Charter on human rights. It is my right to hold a different view from the ones that are generally accepted including being critical of the government's actions, if it goes against social justice or interferes with the individual rights or freedom of persons in this country as I have been doing. I anticipated the government not liking its actions being exposed to the world. If that is the case, then it must consider those it has persecuted or have ignored their rights as members of this society. My focus has been on the deliberate targeting of individuals and the abuse of their rights by this government through its agencies such as the police and others. The methods that have been used to attack such persons, including in their homes and have included everything from arbitrary arrests to 24 hr surveillance, illegal wiretap and using other agents as provocateurs against such persons to attack or to entrap them. More serious attacks included the physical and psychological injuries caused to such persons by the methods used by the Canadian authorities that causes both current and long term injuries to these persons as well as the ongoing harassment that they face daily from Canadian government agents that have impeded their lives dramatically. It also included the maligning of their name or character, the interference or destruction of their business or livelihood as well as forming a coalition against such persons, to destroy that individual and will stop at no means to achieve this, that has also resulted in the destruction of the lives of such persons. In the meantime, corruption continues because for the most part, the actions of the inviduals or agencies involved, never gets exposed. By revealing to the public the names of such corrupted public officials, that I, or others, have known to act corruptly while carrying out their public duties, makes one a target of this government because it does not want its actions to be revealed. Persons can fight back by exposing the actions of the people involved. The last thing that they want is for others to know what they have been up to and to reveal the truth about them to the public.

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