Thursday, February 4, 2010


It is interesting to recount here that Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu or Deloitte for short, who has been investigating corruption in business, has also itself been investigated for the same practices, through one of its subsidiary company, Mintz and Partners Ltd, a publicly appointed Toronto firm, now being investigated for corruption, including for breach of public trust and conspiracy regarding its employees. Are they trying to take the spotlight off of themselves in regards to their own actions? It will also show that some of Deloitte's employees, who has a background in law enforcement, such as Peter Dent, who has also been linked to the RCMP and other police agencies and has used his extensive knowledge to investigate other companies, besides his own, should also ignore the fact that his own company, Deloitte, is also not above such actions itself. This is also where abuse of the system and also of information, comes in, when those who are doing the investigation of others, comes under investigation themselves and who likewise, also, believe that they are also exempt from such investigation themselves and because of their connections. The belief that money and power, is also a means of protecting their own actions, when those actions has gone against the public, is also false. Deloitte is an international company and with an annual revenue of over 26 billion dollars US. Its servives has included those relating to finance, including audit, tax and consulting. It has also worked with governments around the world, as mentioned, in the prevention of corporate corruption, using the information that is available to them, to investigate others. It would seem that they are also "untouchable", in their own eyes anyway, in regards to its own actions. Does this company wants its international image to be "mudded" because of the actions of those other companies who are also linked to it? And who also believe that money and power is everything. Some of those companies like Mintz and Partners, who has carried out corporate terrorism and other actions, that also goes against the public. In my opinion, one cannot separate the two, in regards to their actions. I have personally seen how corrupt those companies really are. Once the public has knowledge of their actions, they should also be exposed. I also believe that too much influence on the part of those companies, with government and others, has also directly contributed to its corrupt practices.