Tuesday, March 8, 2011



Jason Kennedy is under fire, for using government letterhead, to seek
campaign contributions, from voters and not just any voters either, but
from Canada's ethnic voters. The very same people, that he has also, publicly, ostracized, from Canadian society. Kennedy now needs their votes to keep his
party, the Conservatives, in power.

Kennedy, as you can recall, was the same one, who, as the Minister of Immigration and Citizenship, also went out of his way, to alienate those very same communities, with his very openly racist attitude and policies against those same communities, yet now he is also seeking their votes, to keep himself and also the Prime Minister Steven Harper and their Conservative Party, in power.

Remeber his comments on being called a racist? Did he also deny those this?
No. He just simply added to the flame, by his views on that issues and he is now acting desperatly, to keep himself in power, by trying to woo the very same people, that he has also shown open contempt for and to also care very little about. The immediate trouble that he is in right now, centers on his campaign
tactics, which basically are unethical and also illegal. He has been asked to resign, but is still holding on to his position. Jason Kennedy has no qualms about soliciting funds, in the manner which he has, for his campaign for re-election. If he did, he would have also realized, that he was also setting a bad example, as a Minister, but then again, we are talking about Canadian politics here, where ethics are not really a top priority for anyone, anyway.

Kennedy's attempt to placate those very same ethnic voters, to fund his campaign and to also vote for him, should also fall on deaf ears, where they are also concerned.
Why would they want to keep someone like that in office anyways? Do they really think
that he is also going to keep his campaign promises and now regard them as being incusive,in Canadian society. Do you think that he will also changed any of the new policies that he has also immplemented against them as the Minister of Immigration and Citizenship? No, he will further act upon those policies, if his term is also extended and this is what he is really seeking to do. Canadian immigration policy is already exlusive for those communities anyway and with Jason Kennedy, being reelected, to continue with those same policies, is also out of the question. I am also always amazed at the attitudes of some of those same communities to also give up their rights, just to be included or integrated into Canadian society. Some of them do not even mind being treated as second class citizens and with Jason Kennedy
reelected, that is also just what they will also be getting.

Jason Kennedy's Ministry is also full of corruption and with people like himself in power. That ministry has been rocked with some titilating scandals, including sex scandal by Immigration judges and also other kinds of corrution. For example the trial of Yves Bourbornis for bribery, and all nine counts I also believed,or the corruption that is also involved with the current Immigration and Refugee Board. Speaking of the IRB, some of its adjudicators are also known to act corruptly such as Patricia Deguire, Kohler and others.

I am a liberal mineded person, obviously, so my opinions on Kennedy and his ministry will always reflect this. but I do not believed in keeping the conservatives or steven harper in power is also good for all canadians.