Saturday, March 19, 2011



It is no secret that both the Conservative Party and Steven Harper, Canada's Prime Minister, wants to be re-elected. What most voters do not know is that the Conservative party's policy on immigration and minorities, has also discriminated against such groups and that these policies are now within their reach to change. First they need to know what some of those policies are and then they also need to vote against them. There is also the hypocritical move of the Immigration Minister, Jason Kennedy, to woo some of those voters and to have him and his party re-elected. He has approached the very same communities that he has also openly advocated against, because of the new immigration policies that he himself has also directly influenced. And which in turn has also directly influenced those groups adversely.

One of those policies is the new sponsorship programme that puts women at risk for abuse by their spouse and also at risk for the further abuse of their general rights in Canadian society. According to the new proposal, women who are sponsored, has to remain with their spouses, for a minimum of two years, before they will also received, their full landed immigrant status. If they also happened to be in an abusive marriage, they also cannot get out of it. The new regulation will not allow them to leave their spouses, or they will be deported back to their former countries and also leave their children, behind in those cases. It is situation that greatly puts women at risk, not only for domestic abuse, but also for abuse by the government directly, who has also stated, that this situation, also protects against the practice, of fraudulent marriages, through immigration sponsorship, in that country.

It is bad enough that mothers in this country, are faced with little protection by the law. This is even further emphasized by the alarming rate at which some of those mothers, has lost custody of their children. Most of them single mothers by choice, or are newly divorced. Most people thinks that the court favours mothers, over fathers, in the custody of their children, but this is not true. Immigrant women are more at risk, for losing their children and also in facing abuse from spouses, who has also sponsored them. They are faced with staying in a marriage, that is bad for both themselves and also for their children. Men are naturally controlling and some of them, will also use this situation, to their advantage. It is wrong for the Canadian government, to put women's lives at risk, by this proposal and every women should also vote against this proposal.

It reminds me of a situation, also in Canada, where women who are coming from abusive relationships, are also faced with more abuse, in some shelters, by the staff and also because of some of the policies that are implemented by city hall. For example, women who are facing, or has faced, some kind of abuse, in the past, are often put in situations, where they have to share their living space, including a bedroom, with transgendered females, who are still physically males, in those shelters. I am caught in a dilemma here, because while I advocate for the equality rights, of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgendered Community, I also know, that this kind of arrangement, also do not work, for most of the women, who are forced into it. They have complained that they are harassed, by their transgendered roommates. I say this, also, because the government, will also not allow transgendered females, who wants to become fully females, to have the operation that they also needs, in order to completes this process. It is currently not covered under health insurance and so it is also out of the question for some people.

For those ones who wants to remain both, this is also okay. It is their choice to make, but it is also problem with the government, because it has also made up certain rules, that also lets them be which ever one that they also choose to be, simultaneously. That is, they can be both male and female, at the same time. Which we actually are, but not physically, that is, for most people. This is fine by itself, if women who are unfamiliar with this lifestyle, for religious, or other reasons, has to be forced into it, by sharing a bedroom, in those shelters, with transgendered females, who are also still physically males. For instance, victims of rape, or who has experienced violenced by men. All of those women that I have spoken to, who has experienced this, are also against it. They say that they also feel violated, by being watched, by those roommates, while they are being dressed, or undressed, or while they are using the bathroom, which they also share equally.

On the one hand, I cannot say, that transgendered females, are also not female, personally, because that is also how they regard themselves and this right should also be protected. On the other hand, I do not believe, that other women, who are not transgendered, should also have to be forced into a sleeping arrangement, and especially, since they are also coming, from a male abusive relationship, by also sharing a bedroom, at those Toronto shelters, with women, who are still physically males and who has still, exhibits, some of those males traits, towards those women. It is a policy that the Toronto City Council, has come up with and which is also adopted, somewhat, by the provincial government.

One of the other confusing aspects, of this situation, is that transgendered females, who are admitted into those shelters, which are also designated for women only, are still identified, on their legal documents, including, birth certificate and driver's licence, as males. Currently all Toronto shelters for women, has this practice, but epecially of note, is the YWCA Woodlawn Residence, shelter in Toronto, for women and girls, because both women and girls, coming from an abusive situation, are also subjected to this. And they are also not permitted, to expressed their views, on this issue. And as it is also the same practice, for all of those women's shelters, in the city of Toronto, or elsewhere.

The government has just conveniently gotten around this issue, by simply
ignoring the needs of women, coming directly from abusive relationships,
who are also admitted to those shelters, for women and also the
transgendered women, who also used the same shelters and also share the
same bedrooms with those other women, while being physically males.
Some of those women, simply has a problem, with sleeping in a bedroom
and against their wishes, with a complete stranger, who, although
recognized as a female, are still physically males and who also likes
to remind those other women, that they are in fact, both male and female.
This is also the problem, I am told, that some of those women has with
them. They are willing, some of them, to also accept them, as female,
but they have still exhibited their male tendencies, towards them and
especially the agressive male traits, which also has not helped them,
in dealing, with that kind of situation.

I have also seen from experience, that this government, abuses the rights of all women. Now that I have made these situations more public, people can also share their views on it, pros or con and let this government know, that, it should also protect women, in every situation. Not just to continue to exploit them, as it currently does.