Tuesday, May 31, 2011



Individual Cases Of Human Rights Abuse.
The Organized Stalking And Targeting Of Some Of Those Victims

The Unholy 'Marriage' Between The Canadian Politicians And Those Big
Corporations. Rich Companies Who Can Also Buy Off Corrupt Politicians.
Who Also Have The Protection Of The Police, And Who Has Also 'Worked'
With Them To Combat Corruption In Government, Or With Other Corporations,
But Who Are Corrupt Themselves. Some Of Those Big Corporations Like
Deloitte & Touche, Who Are Also Immune To Prosecution In That Country,
Because Of The Corruption That Is Also Involved. It Is Only One Of Many
Such Corporations, Who Also Has Corrupt Politicians Backing Its Actions.

My goal is to bring some of those corrupt corporations like Deloitte & Touche
before the international human rights tribunals for committing crimes against
humanity, even if it is only one documented case and for also working with the Canadian government, in regards to its police agencies, in carrying out some of
those crimes against the individual in that country. I will also prove that
Deloitte & Touche was also involved directly, in working with the Canadian
government and its police, in carrying out the torture and other crimes against
me personally. It was Deloitte & Touche, who also gave the Canadian police access, in order to carry out those torture against me in my home.

Human rights abuse and crimes against humanity are taking place in Canada on unprecedented levels, based on the number of reports that are also coming out of that country. Blogs like mine are springing up all over the Internet, detailing those crimes of human rights abuse by the Canadian government, targeting individuals.

Yet, despite these horrible crimes that are also being committed in front of the whole world, no one also seem to be listening to those victims, like myself and
others, who are the target of the Canadian government in its direct attacks
against them. Jeopardising their very lives and also freedom. For human rights activists like me, being the direct target of the police is also a daily

Not just the local police, but all of the Canadian police agencies combined.
This is hard to ignore, because they also used illegal means to target and also
to cause injury to those victims like myself. It is not just about carrying out surveillance and harassment, they are also using advance weapons to attack those victims and to also cause them injury. It also known that one of Canada's most notorious police agency on this subject, is also the RCMP. It has both
targeted and also used some of the most illegal methods against human rights activists, in that country. Methods that are expressively forbidden under international human rights treaties, against those victims.

Those impotent international human rights governance's, like the Inter-
American Commission on Human Rights, The International Criminal Court and others, also need to take notice of those cases of human rights abuse that are coming
out of Canada, very seriously. They are not that interested because they also do not care about going after the Canadian government for violations under international treaties, concerning human rights standards in that country. They are also part of the worldwide effort towards a one world government, called appropriately, the new world order. The ICC, cannot even try those visible cases of human rights abuse in other countries, such as those detailing war crimes, how much more those other cases that are also less obvious?

When you also have those like the former US governor Jessie Ventura and many others like him also giving credence to those reports of government abuse that are happening in his country and also making it known that this is also happening all over the world, in other countries like Canada, then the world need to also take notice. This information is not just coming from individuals, who are also labeled as being deranged, but it is also coming from other very credible sources as well.

Aside from blogging, I am also involved with helping to put a stop to those
crimes against humanity that are being committed against individuals living in Canada. My newly formed organization called PAGE, or People Against Government Exploitation and Human Rights Abuse, is also committed to making the Canadian government accountable for its actions before those international human rights bodies, for those crimes that it has also committed against both individuals and also groups of people in that country.

It is a silent crime that is also being committed by this government right under
the so-called watchful eyes of the UN and others. It is an unspeakable crime
against those victims that must also be acknowledged by those who has also made it their duty to investigate those kinds of crimes by autocratic governments like Canada. It is also extremely offensive to the victims and also to moral standards and the human dignity for those crimes of humanity to also continue without something being done against it.