Thursday, April 18, 2013

Google's Censorship. I can't use its AdSense on my Blog.

I'm right up there with David Icke, Alex Jones, The Space Man, Coast to Coast Radio and other alternative media sites, which like to expose the truth

Which is also a different version, of the established "facts", by those governments, Canada being one of them. Hence, it is also no surprise to me, that, Google will also not allow me, to use its AdSense, to make money off this blog. And many other companies, has also done the same, but that is not that disturbing to me, at all.  My presence on the internet, is here to stay. People like what I do, so I'll keep on doing it. Besides,  I have my other professions, as a writer, author, book publisher, entrepreneur, and all of the other things, that I also do, currently, to more than make up for this affront, by Google. I just like to show them up here, and to publicly exposed, what they like to do secretly.

I have had my blog, on Google's, for a number of years now, and Google, has also consistently, refused, to allow my use of its AdSense, to make money, off my blog.  Fortunately, for me, I'm also a clever person, so I know of many other ways, to make money, beides using google's adSense, which does not pay that much anyways. Google's excuse, is that my blog has too little words, in it!. What!, My blog is so text base, that Google's reasons are also without merit.
All this shows, is that there is a general conspiracy, to stop my progress, because of what my blog is all about.  And that makes me work even harder, to keep on doing what I am doing, which is to expose the truth and corrupt governments, like Canada.

Google is still a public company, offering shares, to the public, so it must also be more open, in its policies, to the many users, of its products. Bill Shor, owns Google, but you know that I'm also a conspiracy, adherent, when it come to knowing, what those super rich people are all up to. They are all interconnected, in my view, when it comes to this global conspiracy.