Saturday, September 21, 2013



"I Guess He Messed With The Wrong One Today"- comments of a guard, at Old City Hall Courthouse.

A routine security check, upon entering the courthouse, on September 19, has left a black youth with being arrested, after he was also body slammed into the concrete floor, by several court officers, in what was an unprovoked incident.

The black youth, who looked to be in his late teens, or early twenties, had gone through the security scanner and was also being patted down by one of the guards, who apparently thought, that he had given him some "attitude". 

Witnesses saw the guard, scanned the youth at least three times and the youth still had his arms out-stretched and his back turned to the guard, when he was grabbed by the arm and spun around, by the guard.  The youth was then body slammed into the concrete floor, as he and at least six to eight other court officers, were on top of him.  They then handcuffed him and arrested him, then led him to the holding cells.  As the black youth was being led away, one of the them also commented, to his fellow guards, "I guess he messed with the wrong one today". The guards then laughed among themselves, as they went back to their duties.

The unnecessary aggression, by the guards and the open and systematic racism, that is practiced at the Old City Hall courthouse, in Toronto, is also to be blamed for yet another undeserved criminal charge, against a black person, just for being black. Everyone who witnessed the incident, also believed that the guards, were the aggressors and that they should also be charged, for assault, against the unarmed black youth.  The police office located at the court, was also uncooperative, by refusing to release the name of the man arrested when asked, or about his condition.

Does giving a guard some 'attitude', as it is also believed, to have been the cause of the assault, against the black youth, by the court officers, a justifiably cause, and enough for them to have also arrested the youth? And for him to be possibly facing a criminal charge as well?. For no crime was committed by the youth, in the eyes of those who had also witnessed, what had taken place, and who  had also complied with the guard's requests, at least three times, before he was assaulted by the guards, arrested and hauled off to the holding cells, at the courthouse.

At the time of this article, no words as yet, as to the physical condition of the youth, or of his situation, that is also now before the court. Some witnesses has also come forward and are also willing to testify, on his behalf, as well. One of those witnesses, is an older black woman, named Rose, who also kept yelling at the guards, to "leave him alone, he has done nothing". (I will be following this one up closely).