Friday, October 18, 2013


"STATE SPONSORED TERRORISM" That is the title of an article that I once wrote and also gave a copy to a Canadian government official, who also stared at it in shock and disbelief. Probably at the audacity, that I had displayed, in not only writing about that little known topic, but also in providing the official with the knowledge, through that article, that I was also on top of their game. Do the government punish some private citizens, for exposing its actions? Absolutely!. Which in some cases like mine and so many others, through the use of organized stalking and harassment, has also threatened the safety and the lives of certain people, who are also the target of the government. That article too I hope to turn into a book, detailing my own experiences, at the hands of the Canadian government, through its very organized efforts, to carry out the destabilization of the individual, in this case, me, through its use of such tactics as gang stalking and also the targeting of me, using many different people and even organizations to do so. The sad part of all of this is that this behaviour, by the Canadian government, against me, has also carried on, even up to today.

This is also why I have posted some information on this topic, here on my Blog, through the reading of a book, "The Hidden Evil" written on the subject, by Mark M. Rich. I also highly recommend that you read the book and also keep an open mind, to the horrors that some people has gone through, involving their governments, using every available opportunity, to carry out human rights abuse against them, in this manner.

The best way to described organized gang stalking and the targeting of individuals, is that it is a form of psychological torture. The victim is terrorized twenty four hours a day, using not only human agents to carry this out, but also sophisticated electronic equipments and techniques, at the disposal of the government, through its black budget programs, such as mind control programs, to harass the victim. Community members are the usual recruits, such as neighbours and anyone else with close access to the victim, including those that they might also be in a personal relationship with, or other family members, in some cases. It is unbelievable, yet there are also mounting evidence to back up this fact.

Ted Gunderston, is a former FBI agent, who has participated and also knew first hand, about this program, by the US government. He himself later became a target of it, when he also parted ways with the FBI. (Although he has provided some valuable information, on the FBI targeting of individuals, I also denounced his other actions, as a senior FBI official, in the targeting of the Black Panther Party and other groups, labelling them as "terrorists", through Countelpro, the FBI's counter intelligence program, under J. Edgar Hoover, that was aimed at black groups, mainly, and that was responsible in helping to destroy the Black Panther Party. Which makes me also ask the question, "What is wrong with wanting total freedom and democratic rights in your own country?). Others has also come forward with many other documented proof, that private citizens are being targeted and against their will, by the acts of terrorism, such as organized stalking, that are being carried out secretly, by those same governments. I will always come back to this topic, of government sponsored gang stalking and terrorism, because it also resonates with me personally, having lived through it and is also now able to write about it. This was also not a part of their plan, that I should have also survived this ordeal.

"Organized Stalking is a form of terrorism used against an individual in a malicious attempt to reduce the quality of a person's life so they will: have a nervous break-down, become incarcerated, institutionalized, experience constant mental, emotional, or physical pain, become homeless, and/or commit suicide. This is done using well-orchestrated accusations, lies, rumors, bogus investigations, setups, framings, intimidation, overt or covert threats, vandalism, thefts, sabotage, torture, humiliation, emotional terror and general harassment. It is a "ganging up" by members of the community who follow an organizer and participate in a systematic "terrorizing" of an individual." -- Mark M. Rich