Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Canadian Police Carries Out Attacks, Through An Agent Provocateur, Again...

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Political repression of cyber-dissidents is the oppression or persecution of people for expressing their political views on the Internet.

Human Rights Blogger, Valerie Guillaume, came under physial attacks on October 13, 2015, through an agent provocateur, as the 11  Division Toronto Police, also refused to come to her aid. 

Hours after taking out a Peace Bond, against her attacker, Human Rights Blogger, Valerie Guillaume, was told by police sergeant, Urvaniak, from the Toronto 11 division police, after her third call to the police that night, and after the increased attacks against her, that the police will not attend her home to protect her.

The Stalker, Monsoor Bashar, told police after being asked to stop turning off the Human Rights Blogger's lights, or going near her apartment door, which is on a different level from where he live, the perpetrator then responded that "I can do what I want...", to the police, as the Human Rights Blogger, looks on in shock, at the response from someone, who only hours earlier, had a peace bond taken out against him. He was not arrested by the police, and as a result he also increased his intimidation and violence, towards the Blogger, as the 11 division police sergeant in charge at the time, Urvaniak, also refused to send his officers, when she again called for the police assistance, to aid her. The police knew that the attacks also continued throughout the night, as the Blogger's calls, were not responded to, by the Toronto police, and has suffered, also, injuries to both herself and the animal that also reside in her home, as a result, of those attacks.
In the view of this Blogger, Valerie Guillaume, the situation with the Canadian police, as far as their violence towards me, has reached a critical point, so that there is no doubt in my mind, that the police also intends to harm me further, as they already did some hours ago, through their complicity, in not coming to my aid, to stop those attacks against me, by this person. It was clear to me, based on my conversation with the police sergeant, Urvaniak, from the 11 division police in Toronto, that he did not care one way or the other about protecting my safety. And in fact, also, deliberately aided in the attacks against me. For instance, he would not respond to my question of why the officers who had attended my home earlier that night, and had also witnessed the level of the noise also viewed it as excessive and asked the perpetrator not to continue with it at that level. His next set of police officers, did the opposite regarding my other call to the police that night, over the violence, and told the perpetrator to put the level at the highest and also left it at that. This was clearly to harass me and to also caused me injury, which only a few weeks ago I had to call the paramedic and go to the emergency at the local hospital, because of the pressure that was also built up in my ears, as a result of the volume, from the noise and also from the vibrations that was also given off by this equipment, that was being used by this person, Monsoor Bashar, throughout the night, to harm, harass and to cause serious injury to both human and animal, in my home.
The police also intend for this action to continue and to still be involved in carrying out acts of violence against me,that has caused me severe injury. This is a crime against humanity, for which those police officers involved, will also be charged in the International Criminal Court. And police sergeant, Urvaniak, of the Toronto Police 11 Division, even commented to me, in his sarcasm when I had requested the help of the police, on the night of October 13, 2015, that he also look forward to reading my article on his and the police actions. What should that tell you, as members of the public, other than the fact that the police, has also acted deliberately, to not only endanger my safety, but to also cause me harm, directly and indirectly, on this occassion and on other similar situations in the past. There is no doubt in my mind, also, that my safety is of absolutely no concern, to the Canadian police, as they have already shown, in carrying out those attacks against me.

 Police sergeant, Urvaniak, actually took steps to increase those violent actions over the next several hours, during the night of October 13, 2015, against me, by sitting at the station and not sending the police to my aid. And his relationship witht the perpetrator, should also be a cause of concern to the public.  Why did he allow this perpetrator, Monsoor Bashar, to respond to the police by saying to them, in regards to his criminal actions, against me, "I can do what I want..." and the police just shook it off, as someone who does not care to do what the police ask them to do, as the officer made excuses for him. What excuse does the police, have in allowing this person, to continue to be a danger to someone else and to not take the appropriate actions, to enforce the law. Such as taking seriously, the fact that the victim has taken out a peace bond against the perpetrator and he was also in violation of it, at the time. And has also given no indication to the police especially, that he will also stop his actions. A gesture, which the police also went along with, against me.