Thursday, April 21, 2016


CORRUPTION, IN THE CANADIAN COURT SYSTEM. Judge Karen Weiler, Judge Eileen E. Gillese, Judge Maria Linheres de Sousa and other Canadian judges. How they act corrupt in cases before them. And why their actions also need to be exposed. To protect the public.
Judge Karen. Weiler
Court of Appeal for Ontario
in Toronto.


This comment was made by the said judge, in anticipation, of hearing my motion in the Court of Appeal, on April 22, 2016, on a final order from the Divisional Court, which I have also filed a motion for leave to appeal and also a motion to stay the order, until the Court of Appeal also makes a decision regarding my motion for leave, in that court. Because her comment is not true and holds no weight legally, and could only have been said, to prevent me from expecting the court to act in my favour, or to enforce my legal rights under the Canadian Constitution, The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, I also decided to expose her actions here, not just to protect my rights but to also educate the public.

I can list cases, after cases, that the Court of Appeal for Ontario, in Toronto, has also ruled on, on previous decisions, from the lower court, upon the hearing of a motion by one of the parties, to dismiss an appeal in the Divisional Court. Those cases were heard by the COA and the judges in those cases, either granted the stay or to dismiss it, based on its findings. But yes, a decision from a motions judge, at the Divisional Court, can be heard at the Court of Appeal, by the Appellant, by way of a motion to stay the order of the lower court, until the appeal is heard. Or for any other reasons, that may also be considered just and reasonable, by the court. For litigants such as myself, seeking equitable relief from the Court of Appeal, that is also another reason that it can also grant my request to stay the order of the motions judge in the Divisional Court, which also dismiss my appeal, on a motion filed by the lawyer of the respondents and in my opinion also committed some errors of law in regards to her decision to dismiss my appeal. I have every right to have my appeal continued at the next level, which is the Court of Appeal for Ontario and this judge's statement regarding the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal over the Divisional Court is just obsurd. If this is not a case for the presumption of bias, by the judge against me, then I really don't know how much more I can say about her actions, at this point.

" THE COURT OF APPEAL DON'T HEAR LANDLORD AND TENANT MATTERS" - says another judge of the Court of Appeal, Eileen E. Gillese, J. last week at another motion hearing that I had in that court, which she also adjourned to April 22, 2016. She intended to discouraged me from proceeding in that court and thereby to protect my rights under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which is supposed to guaranteed me the right to equal access to and benefit of the law and other protections. But in reality, those so called guaranteed protections, are only for 'some' people and not others. We are dealing with a systematic abuse of the rights of some persons, or groups, by the Canadian judicial system. Those actions need to be exposed.