Thursday, January 5, 2017



This is what the OAS members do, sit on their arses, while heinous crimes are also being committed by its Member States, including Canada and the US. Both of which has never really come under fire for their actions. 
General Assembly, of the OAS. 

AN UPDATE: A letter sent to the petitioner and Blogger, Valerie Guillaume, on December 13, 2016, from the Inter American Commission on Human Rights. The letter outlined the status of the petition, which was also accessible online, through its Petition Portal. The Blogger, had also filed the Petition online, with the IACHR. The request was for Precautionary Measures to be taken against Canada, for its current human rights abuse against the Blogger, was received by the Inter American Commission on Human Rights and is still at the preliminary stage of the investigation. Officially, the status is classified as "Under Study". What this means is that the petition, is still at the very initial stage with the IACHR. And this does not sit very well with this Blogger.  Not all petition requests are marked as "urgent", but mine was. Therefore I had also expected the IACHR, to deal with it on an urgent basis. This latest petition was also filed in October, of 2016. Too much of a delay, in my view.

About the Inter American Commission on Human Rights. It is the 'first step or stage, in a two part process, in the protection of human rights. That is, for the of North American region. Which both Canada and the United States of America falls under. It also include, South and Central America and the Caribbean. The second stage is with the Inter American Court of Human Rights. All proceedings with the court, also begins with the IACHR. 

Canada is a part of the Organization of American States. What's more, it has also NOT ratified its treaty with the OAS. The OAS treaty, basically, is based on the American Convention on Human Rights.  This means that Canada unlike all other Member States, has also disagreed to follow the mandate of the OAS and to respect the rights of everyone living in that country and not to abuse their human rights. Unfortunately, it has not done so. Until Canada has ratified the treaty with the OAS, under the American Convention on Human Rights, the Inter American Court of Human Rights cannot be a last resort, for those seeking the protection from the court, against Canada's human rights abuse.  The OAS and the IACHR's, rather narrow view of focusing on just one group in Canada, its Aboriginal Peoples, which they also recognized as being in need of protection, should also focused on other groups and individuals in Canada as well, who are also facing human rights abuse, for one reason or another. Including, Muslim Canadians and Afro Canadians, among other groups. 

In fact, the IACHR, has now extended its so called protection to include a "legal entity".  As if the protection offered to the individuals, under those "legal entities" were not enough. We all know what a legal entity is, don't we?. For those who do not, it is a legal term used by the court, to mean a non human being. For instance, a corporation, is a legal entity. The city of Toronto is a legal entity. I know because I have been to court, with the city of Toronto, which in fact is a corporation. 

Part of the request from the petitionor and this Blogger, was to expedite the matter, as in an Urgent Petition and not to lump it together with other petitions, which also do not require an urgent response from the IACHR. I need to make this very clear to the IACHR. That I also need an immediate intervention in order to ensure my safety and to protect my human rights. Surely, the IACHR could have moved much faster. Instead the matter is still at the preliminary stage and classified as Under Study. Maybe, the IACHR also chose spend its time and as part of the investigation, in reading my Blog. If so, then it should also get on with the investigation and help to protect my rights. My problem is with its current President, Tracey Robinson, a Jamaican, who in my opinion is also a bitch. Tracey Robinson, who three years ago was also one of two Rapporteurs to Canada, (the other person was Dinah Shelton), who was assigned to look into human rights abuse concerns, in that country, (for which I was also invited to participate, by the hypocritical IACHR, but which I also declined). And I still also need its intervention at this time, to help with my fight to protect my human rights. 

IACHR's President, Tracy Robinson, on the left
was a Commissioner to Canada, in 2013, to
investigate human rights abuse concerns, in
Canada. Her report did very little to stop
that country's actions, in regards to its
human rights abuse practice, against
marginalized groups.
Tracy Robinson, status has now elevated to, President of the Inter American Commission on Human Rights. I don't like Jamaicans, though I was also born in that country, yet raised in Canada. I hardly know that country and don't miss it one bit. In my eyes it is a small island in many ways. To me Cuba is big. It has done some really big and extraordinary things for its people. Jamaica has not. What it has done is to submit to both the US and Canada, at the expense of the people. The new President of the IACHR, also chose to takes her sweet time in investigating my complaint against Canada, while I also continue to endure more human rights abuse. I am also not surprised at this. Black people as a whole would rather do more harm to their own, than to help them. I am so unlike them in my approach, that I am often told that I am "different", by most everyone. I am still loyal to my race, but they are not loyal to me. Just ask the many Canadian officials, who has also managed to get them to betray me and to act as agents for the Canadian government, in spying on me, or in acting as an agent provocateur, in causing me harm. Most of this has been done by my own people, even as I speak. So excuse me for being bitter and for thinking that most of them are like that. Perhaps I am also being unfair, but certainly the evidence also speak for itself. 

Besides, I care not where on this planet one happens to live, everyone is entitled to the protection of their human rights. It is a universal law, by nature and one that was also initiated by the United Nations, which should be enforced. I am a global citizen and I have no allegiance to any particular country. Since most are also similar in how their governments function. From my religious point of view, all countries has given their allegiance to the New World Order and to its Antichrist system, meant on enslaving the earth's populations. I am also entitled to my beliefs and also to expressing those views. As a writer and Blogger, freedom of speech is also important to me. I am not kind in my criticism to those who abuse the rights of other human beings. Everyone should be entitled to the enjoyment of the same freedoms and the right to live without discrimination of any kind. By taking those basic rights away, you have also reduced their status as a human being.