Monday, January 9, 2017


Judge found excuse to delay (and to deny making an order for an injunctive relief) sought by me, to get back into my home, as I believed that I was forced out on the orders of the police and the government working clandestinely to carry out further human right abuse against me.

What make this case so heinous is the fact that this past weekend was also one of the coldest so far this winter. And to think that they had also planned it with such precision, even going so far as to block available funds that would also be available to me, around that time, just to ensure that I would be out in the cold and without financial availability to assist me. It was one of the cruelest forms of human rights abuse that Canada has carried out against me and it has now also taken it upon itself to mock me openly, about its human rights abuse against me. But I am no fool. This last effort is the one that will bring, finally, the involvement of other governing bodies to investigate its actions, where I am concerned.
Judge Darla Wilson of the
Superior Court of Justice
in Ontario, Canada.

On January 9, 2017 I was before this judge ,seeking an order for injunctive relief, after I got wind of the fact that the Canadian police, CSIS and the government are involved, in yet another attempt to render me homeless, as part of that country's continuing persecution of me.

It was an urgent motion which should speak for itself. Meaning, that it should have been heard by the said judge. As most urgent motions are to prevent further harm to the party seeking relief from the court. That is, unless you are also me. Valerie Guillaume, persecuted person in Canada. Then every effort will be made to disregard my rights further by the court. When I had confronted the Judge in the courtroom about seeking equitable relief, as I would also be facing irreparable harm, further, since that action was already carried out against me on the weekend , she also made every excuse not to hear the case. This judge was also in the CPC court (civil practice court) and it was also one of those rare occasions when the courtroom was just about empty. Perhaps five cases in total to be heard. And as usual mine was also last on the list, as it was also an add on. Judge Darla Wilson then made the excuse that she had another case at 10 a.m. which was true since no other lawyers, or any other persons were also present, besides me in the courtroom. she has dealt with all of the others and mine as it was also an add on to the list, was the last one to be heard.

Because she did not want to grant me the relief that I had sought via an injunction or mandatory order to let me back into my home, she also made it so that the matter was to be heard on January 10th, as a regular motion and that the defendant was also to be served prior to the hearing of the motion.
Most urgent motions are exparte motions. I told the judge that because I was out in the bitter cold as a result of the defendant's action and that the present financial costs to me and other injury sustain by me she should also make an interim or even an interlocutory order and that should bring the matter back in the near future on notice to the defendant. But that I was in need of the protection of the court now. That also fell on deaf ears as far as this judge was concerned.  She insisted that since I did not as yet file a claim against the defendant, as if somehow that this also  weaken my case for injunctive relief. she knew damn well that an injunction or  mandatory order can also be made on an impending proceeding. Then she tried to tell me that I may not have a case since I did not has yet started one. Well what did you think the motion was? This corrupt judge who was also part of this conspiracy against me did not want to help me in this case.

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