Corruption By the Toronto Police and Canadian Authorities

If you are wondering why I did not post anything new on my blog it is because my enemies had come together in a conspiracy against me. I was thrown in jail without being charged for any crimes recently. I believed that it is because of my activism and that this government is getting scared about its own corrupt actions and going after those who would exposed its human rights abuses. To be more specific I believed it was the work of those same public officaials who have been working all along in regards to their actions against me. The police came to my home and without producing a warrant arrested me. I was detained and put in jail but was never charged for any crimes because I had not committed any. The police knew that when they showed up at my door because the arrest was intended to control my freedom of movement. In jail I saw more human rights violations being perpetrated against innocent people by the Canadian government. This arrest was well planned by my enemies and was intended to prevent me from continuing with my fight against the Canadian authorities in the courts. They wanted me out of the way, which would have impeded my ability in terms of my movements. I can tell you that those responsible are not happy that I have my freedom and I believe that they will continue in their efforts to prevent me from trying to exercise my rights as a member of this society. I am committed to exposing the corruption of this government in terms of its treatment of persons living in this country and its efforts to continue with its practice of violating people's individual rights or of suppressing this information from getting out to the public. The different government agencies involved and the corruption and illegal actions involved in their day to day operations. It is now impossible to distinguished between the police, for instance, and that of any other criminal gang in this country, because it is intricately linked with organized crime both regarding individual police officiers as well as the organization itself. I have witnessed the police and specifically Toronto Police officers from 13Division police committing crimes such as obstruction of justice aid and abet conspiracy and a slew of other offences. This I have witnessed personally from that police division. It also included of course their covert operations against me personally that never seemed to ceased. Their corruption included everything from statements made by individual police officers such as the ones that were made by detective Teeter during the course of his investigation of a complaint that were false and were made with the intention of obstructing justice in order to protect someone whom they wished to protect from being prosecuted by the law to the destruction of evidence by the police that were required in an investigation. This has happened frequently in the past and is a very common practice by the police intended to obstruct justice where I was concerned. By this I was refering to a taped conversation that was provided to the police of that division which they destroyed and could never produced even after it was requested. The police statements were that the tape was damaged and so it was never produced by them even when requested as part of an investigation against that particular police division. The "damaged" tape was never recovered from the police. Fortunately I had also saved the contents of those messages on my telephone which were of a threatening nature, which provided me with a duplicate copy for such a case as this where the police had purposely destroyed evidence pertinent to an investigation in order to obstruct justice regarding that investigation. The courts are becoming more and more familiar with these actions of the police either for destroying pertinent evidence or fabricating evidence relating to a case that they are investigating. Because the police wanted to protect those whom I was complaining about they destroyed the evidence. This is common regarding the Toronto police and specifically regarding
13 division police in regards to their actions towards me. It is also a fact that I cannot as a member of the puplic expect them to act on my behalf. In fact quite the contrary. My life is constantly in danger from them, either directly or indirectly. When they do not act directly they made use of their personal agents that they have used against me. They act as agent provocateurs acting for the police. Their job is to put me in a compromising situation where the police could then have reasons to charge me or to cause me directly. Though I have tried my best to avoid their traps, it has become increasingly more difficult because the attacks have gotten worse and included also personal injury to me through their direct actions. That particular police division is rife with corruption which included racism and other kinds of behaviour by the police. On one occassion a police officer from that division, Constable Quiggley, was caught smoking a cigerette in a police crusier while making an arrest! This of course is miniscule compared to other actions on their part, that have caused serious injuries to members of the public, which I can also attest to, since they have caused me injury in such a manner and which resulted in legal action being taken against them by me. Every one knows that the police is the right arm of the government, but they don't seem to know that this organization believes in protecting its own interests as well and often acts outside of its jurisdiction by being engaged in actions that has nothing to do with protecting the interests of the public but their own. These people are sociopaths, most of them who specifically seek out such positions because of the cover which it affords them to carry out their personal intentions that has nothing to do with upholding the law or of protecting the interests of the public. We are living in a police state that is increasingly getting worse. I am wondering how much longer they can act in such a way and still pretend that this is a democratic society that we are living in. To speak out against the government or the police, which is your right as a citizen, that is to hold an opinion that may be different from those that are generally accepted and especially when it comes to the way that the government operates is to find oneself in a situation where you are viewed as being antigovernment when it is the government which is being antidemocratic. You then becomes targeted by the government which lacks a conscience and are involved in corruption and the infringement upon the rights of the people. It also included such actions by the Canadian authorities, such as throwing one in jail which was done in my case, with the intention of taking away my freedom and to prevent me from expressing my views, however different those views are, from the general public, who I might add do not know to what extent that coruption is a part of the practice of this government. Now I am breaking the silence that have surrounded their actions towards me for so long.

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