Monday, July 9, 2012


Fatou Bensounda, Chief Prosecutor, with the International Criminal Court.

The chief prosecutor with the I.C.C. is also someone to watch. She is known to have overlooked, in the past, criminal actions, by Canada.


Canada is a violator of the Rome Stature of the I.C.C. Which also state simply enough, that the particular State should refrain from "acts which defeat the object and purpose" of the Rome Stature. Preamble of the Rome Stature: (in part)
(a)Conscious that all peoples are united by common bonds, their cultures pieced together in a shared heritage, and concerned that this delicate mosaic may be shattered at any time. (b)Determined to put an end to impunity for the perpetrators of these crimes and thus to contribute to the prevention of such crimes. (c) Reaffirming the Purposes and Principles of the Charter of the United Nations...

Not only is Canada one of the States that has signed on to the Rome Statue, but it also holds the dubious distinction, as also being the first country, to do so. Canada has not only signed up to the the Rome Statue, but it has also ratified it, on July 9, 2000 and has also enacted it into its legislation, when it also adopted the Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes Act , or CAHWCA, on June 4, 2000. In fact Canada is even more guilty of failing through on its promise, to abide by that treaty, because it has also, in fact, incorporated it, into many of its own laws, which it has chosen to ignore, when it also suits its purpose to do so.

If charges cannot be laid against those persons in Canada, then those charges will be laid, with the International Criminal Court. The I.C.C may also be full of corruption, like its sister agency, the United Nations, but that will also not stop me, from commencing with those charges, in that court and against the Canadian government, for its violation of the Rome Statue, in my case and specifically, for carrying out crimes against humanity and other objectionable acts, regarding me, including by the State, directly and also by Canadian government official and other persons, who are also involved in my matter.

By now they are also probably celebrating their victory against me, in their conspiracy to destroy me. It has included the corruption of the Canadian courts against me, including the Supreme Court of Canada, which has also acted complicit, or negligible in the matter. Including also taking no actions to protect my rights, under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and other offences, against the administration of justice, in my case. It has also included its participation in the actions of both the court and also government officials, in acting corruptly, where my rights are concerned, including also, carrying on with this action, from the lower courts, right up to the Supreme Court of Canada, which has also included the maladministration of justice, in both the criminal court and the civil court. For instance, not being able to lay any charges, against those persons, who are involved regarding their actions against me. Where my efforts to do so, has also been blocked, by the Canadian courts, both the criminal court and also the civil court.

Even actions that seemed to be irrelevant to the issue, that is, regarding that State's crimes against humanity, regarding me, is also a part of its overall conspiracy, to deprive me of certain basic human rights. Such as forcing me out of my home and according to their latest actions, removing my belongings and preparing to get rid of them. This of course was done with the permission of the Canadian courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada, where I am still waiting for its decision, by way of my motion that was also filed, with that court, more than a month ago, to re-enter my home, while my application for leave and also my appeal, is still pending before that court. The basic human right, to the security of person, for instance, was also denied to me, and not to mention those other so called rights, that are also "guaranteed" under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, such as the right to "Equal Treatment and Benefit of Law", which was also denied to me, because of the corruption of the Canadian courts against me and also the personal corruption, of the government officials and their accomplices involved, regarding obstructing justice in my case.

According to lawyer Paula Boutis, who will also be charged, for her role in the matter, with corruption and obstructing justice charge and other charges, "there is nothing else that can be done, by me, regarding the matter". But then against, she does not know me, or my determination to get justice, in this matter.

I would imagine that they also now believed that they are beyond any culpability regarding this matter. But they are also wrong. The Canadian government, will also pay me millions of dollars in damages, for injuries that I have also incurred as a direct result of its actions against me and those persons who are also directly involved, regarding the criminal element of this investigation, will also be charged, for their actions against me. They will also try to claim that they cannot be charged, twice, for the same offences, but that is also done all of the time, in the Canadian courts, against some people and since I was not able to lay those charges in any Canadian courts, I will also be prosecuting them, in the International Criminal Court. And the list of persons who will also be charged, is also quite long.

The list of individuals who will face criminal charges with the I.C.C. regarding their actions, involving corruption and other criminal charges against me, included Roger Bilodeau, of the Supreme Court of Canada and the S.C.C judge, Morris Fish, Justice of the Peace, Peter Gettlich, crown attorney Joshua Tuppper and other crown attorneys, at the Provincial Court, located at 1000 Finch Court House, in Toronto, Canada, who has interfered personally, with my cases before that court, as well as the sheriffs of the Toronto Enforcement office and lawyer Paul Boutis, Lisa Lipowitz and Sandra Thompson and others will also be charges, before the I.C.C. The primary charges against them being corruption, conspiracy and obstructing justice, in my case. Under the crimes against humanity charge, against this State, i.e Canada also, the actions of its police agencies, against me, is also the main focus of that charge. Which has also included the act of torture against me. Both physical and psychological torture, that was carried out by this country against me. The question to be asked, is, did the actions of that State, or Canada, has violated any of my rights, under the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and did it also carry out any crimes against me, in doing so. The answer of course is absolutely yes. It did and also continues to do so, in my case.