Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Gang Stalking
Government Harassment, Torture and Mind Control Experimentation
Below are excerpts from a discussion on organized government harassment.
Also carried out by corporations and individuals who has either the money or other resources to do so.

There are victims of something referred to as gang stalking or organized stalking, covert harassment, and mind control experimentation (1, 2, 3). These are all basically the same thing, government and corporate run (sponsored) hidden (covert) campaigns of psychological harassment, psychological and physical torture, and mind (control) torture using arcane technologies that attack and/or alter the mind (brain function). They can manipulate moods, causing distress, fatigue and inflicting a vast array of other symptoms on the victim (target), both mental and physical. “Say the words “Mind Control” and most people think of science fiction or lunatic fringe. Yet, incredible as it may seem, mind altering technology is real.” -Judy Wall, researcher (4). Like most targets and people trying to expose these horrific hidden crimes, Judy Wall has been stalked, as well as targeted with the same technologies that she writes about.

Targets of these campaigns become known as Target Individuals, and their lives are firstly assaulted with smear campaigns that isolate them from family and friends. The campaigns then sabotage, either slowly or quickly, everything from employment and finance, to marriages and family ties. The aim is to, through pervasive coverage of a targets life, boycott the individuals every affair, from professional to leisure, and beyond. There is usually little help for the target, and any sympathizers the target may have, or may acquire while being targeted, will be worked on by the campaigners of these criminal assaults. Lies and clever profiles of the target will be presented to anyone and everyone in the community, who may have contact with the target. These people pose as private investigators, or they say they are from the government. Gag rules are given to all involved in the harassment, and are threatened with jail time or harassment if they do not follow the commands presented to them. Some people involved in the organized stalking are careerists in the activity, some get legal assistance in return for participating, other may get help with getting a job (5). As for the organizers who run these campaigns, they are former or present people in intelligence, etc.