Friday, July 17, 2009


Psycho electronic weapons are routinely being used as weapons of torture against those who are targeted by the government. This has been the complaints of those victims and its use has not stopped despite more people coming forward with this information against them. The damage that this can do to the individual is far worst than is generally acknowledged by professionals who are aware of those cases. Its long term effect on the body is known producing such illnesses as cancer and depression because it is intended also to drive those victims to commit suicides or to act violent in other ways. These are black market weapons that are used by the governments of Canada and also the United States against those who opposed it system of treating different members of society. Its use is illegal of course but that has not stopped them from using it against those civilians for purposes which are detrimental to them. I urged the readers of my blog to access those links on the right of this page to learn more about such weapons. It was once easy to access those sites directly from my blog. Now you have to log in to some of them. This is a direct result of the exposure that has been given to those covert actions by this government which it wants to continue to hide from the public.