Friday, July 17, 2009

Canada and Human Rights: Getting At The Real Truth

Learn about Canada's role in contributing to wars and also its supposedly peacetkeping missions, which in fact, does not reveal the truth about the atrocities that it has committed, in other countries and in the name of peace, as well as, its hypocritical stance on the issues of human rights and its continual violations of those very same principles at home and around the world.

It was revealed to me and to other members of the public that black boys who came out of the Canadian Juvenile Detention Centers were leaving those institutions with AIDS. This information was passed on directly by a jail guard who spoke at a public gathering in regards to this and who also stated that because of the confidentiality agreement that these prison employees signed not to divulge to the public what takes place at those institutions she wished to also remained anonymous. She spoke about this because she was personally concerned regarding this matter and had hoped that someone would take this matter up further because as a guard at that institution she could not. Another interesting thing that's been happening at Canadian jails and prisons are the brutal rapes of female prisoners and especially those who are black and the mentally challenged or the poor. They are also drugged just prior to their court appearance in order to affect the outcome of their cases. They are then so incapacitated at the hearing that this always affect the outcome of their cases negatively. Women in Canadian prisons and especially minority women are routinely raped at these institutions and pregnancies are also known to take place. Some of these are covered up by prison officials. One of the best examples of this is one involving a mentally challenged black woman who was raped by a prison guard at the Vanier prison in Ontario and this was covered up by those prison officials. She was let out of jail specifically for that reason i.e to make it look as if this had occurred outside of the jail. It didn't work because the public got hold of this information and she was surreptitiously put back in jail where she did not belong in the first place because she was really a sick person and not at all violent.This is another problem with the Canadian courts. Putting those who are mentally challenged in jail just to fill up the jails. There are cases of male guards at these female prisons raping these women at night and some of these women are specifically isolated for this reason alone. Another blot on Canadian prison conditions are the treatment of those prisoners held for political reasons. These are always denied their human rights. They are held without bail all of them and they are also denied access to their files and their hearings are often conducted in "closed door hearing"
Their lawyers have a hard time trying to convince the Canadian courts that these are also human rights violations. Those prisoners are also kept in conditions that are often deplorable and are also at the mercy of Canadian prison officials who are also one of the first to ignore their human rights and to abuse those rights in ways that the public are not even aware of. Many have been falsely accused with no evidence by the Canadian authorities to back up those charges against them. They are then left to languished in Canadian prisons for years with no intervention form any human rights organizations in Canada who are always silent on these kinds of human rights abuse happening in this country. These incidences are so routine within the Canadian judicial system that one wonders how it has been able to carry out those actions for so long without anyone knowing about it. One of the easiest ways that the Canadian authorities deal with those who opposed it system is to frame them up and put them in prison. The other way is to try and kill them outright and this they do by methods that would shock the public. These are subversive actions that are taken by those Canadian government agencies or persons involved that always ended up with the permanent injury or death or those who they have targeted. It is a silent crime that's been happening here as it is also happening elsewhere but with no recourse for those victims in Canada. Unless you come across websites such as this one and those of us who are willing to expose these actions by the Canadian government you will be led to believe that this country is a haven for human rights and social justice. The truth is that the Canadian govenment is by itself a great violater of human rights and is also directly linked up with those other countries such as Israel and America that also does so on a regular basis.