Friday, July 17, 2009


Here is a partial list of the names of some Canadian government and public officials who has acted corruptly against the public. Their names are listed here to act as a deterrent to any further actions from them that goes against public interest. Since corruption is such an integrated part of how this government functions this will come as no surprise to those who are already familiar with this problem that exist in this country. I will from time to time add more names to the list as they becomes available and their actions becomes known to the public. You can contribute to this list by contacting me with your stories of individual cases of corruption by any public officials and especially Toronto public officials who seemed to be more corrupted than others and I will add their names here as well. Since secrecy is also such a part of the way that they operates it has become difficult for any member of the public to get any kind of vindication when they act against public interest and exposing them is so far the best way of dealing with this issue. Included in this list are: Toronto City Councillors HOWARD MOSCOE and JANET DAVIS. Others includes PHIL BROWN General Manager for Toronto Social Housing. Ontario Civilian Commission on Police Services Member:ALLISON LIMERICK. Judges or Justice of the Peace: R. ROTMAN, LESLIE PRINGLE, S. BILLICH, J. BROWN. Adjudicators: M.FUNSTON, A. BEECHAN, W.E MANSFIELD, LEIGH SOKOLOFF, M. BANDERA, I. KOHLER , CAROLINE KING. Others includes: BROCK MITCHELL, BOYD MCGILL, JENEFER KAY, MISCHA LAVINE, LORNE SOSSIN, ADAM SHERMAN, HOWARD RUBENHOFF,KAREN BARKER, Police Officers: Det. Teeter, Det. Elaschuk, Sgt. Brian, Sgt. Coglin, P.C. Quiggley