Friday, July 24, 2009

The Real Truth About Toronto and Its Mayor David Miller

Toronto Is Racist
Toronto The Good. This is the self proclaimed title of the city and a not infrequent anagram that is used to describe it, which has also been inculcated into the psyche of the poplulation. But the real truth is far from this. Toronto is in fact a racist city, although this is not always apparent to the millions of visitors to the city and also in its ardent promotion of multiculturalism in Canada. What a farce! Toronto is a very racist city and run by an equally racist Mayor. Toronto's City Council for instance is made up of 98 percent white members and they represents the status quo and it is their interests, which are also promoted. David Miller, Toronto's current mayor, is a racist and this is not so hard to believe because he promotes racism in this city, like no previous mayor of Toronto. Let's start with his own staff. Instead of reflecting the diversity of the city, his staff upholds the same racist ideology, that has been promoted, by some of Toronto's most prominant public officials. One of his staff members in particular, Karen Duffy, is very racist and disrespectful of other peoples and cultures and one wonders why the Mayor, would keep someone like that on his staff, seeing that he is supposed to reflect, the cultural diversity of the city. We have recently celebrated PRIDE, in Toronto and that is good, but do not be decieved into believing that this is the same kind of treatment, that is also offered to every other marginalized group in this country. Far from it. For instance Toronto's Mayor David Miller wants the hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues that the Caribana festival brought to the City each year, but at the same time, he neither has respect for African Canadians, nor has appreciated their efforts, in regards to the contributions, that they have also made. When Caribana comes around, he puts on his false appearance, so that visitors would believe, that, this is a city, that also promotes racial tolerance and multiculturalism. This image, is of course, very false and they don't call Canada, the "Great White North" for nothing. Toronto, as one of Canada's largest cities, is also, one of the best examples of this. It cannot be stated enough, how much racism, is an integral part, of the way that this city operates. Even visitors to this city has noticed this too. Many have remarked, on how polarized this image of Toronto is, once they have seen it up close. Some have also commented on wanting to see a more visual display, of Toronto's diversity, reflected in the political structure of this city. For now, though, they are still being fed the lie. Why? because its bureaucrats are content, for things to remain as they are. It is all about what some of those groups, can also contribute to the ecomony of the city and without any regards for respecting them in other ways.