The Toronto Police 14 Division, In the Hugues Idholo Case.

The corruption involved, in lthe laying of charges, against some Toronto police officers, from 14 division, who were involved in the arrest of a man, Hugues Idholo Yala, after he had made death threats to kill my animal, to me and also to the police.
The police tried to cover it up and later lied about the death threats that were told to them directly, by this person and for which I am also a witness to this fact.
-they never charged him with the uttering of those death threats, nor with the other offence of assault with a weapon, when he also came towards me with the knife demanding that I bring my cat out so that he could kill the animal and making statements like,
"I am going to kill it right now, I don't care, call the police", which the police also heard during the 911 call that I had also made to the police, regarding that incident.
the police then released the man, under a form 10, immediately back into the property, where I also live after he had made his death threats against my animal, because my animal is also my property.

Obstruction of justice and conspiracy to obstruct justice charges against 14 division police officers, in this case, were also denied by the Justices of the Peace, at the courthouse.

The man had told the police that he intended to kill the animal and the police also refused to charge him with the death threats. They only charged him with "threatening an animal". I was a witness, to that fact and also heard the man, Hugues Idholo Yala, telling the police offiers, as they handcuffed him, proably to prevent him from futher carrying out his threats to harm my animal at that time. The man, kept saying that he did not care and that he was going to kill my cat, directly to the police officers, who attended the 911 call that I had also made to the police. The threats were also caught on the 911 tapes, as the man also shouted his death threats to kill my animal while I was on the telephone with the 911 dispatcher.

The Man who made the death threats, Hugues Idholo, was released by the police, soon afer his arrest, back on to the property, where the victims live.

The Police also did not have any information on their data base regarding the man that they had also arrested. Not even an event number. Inquiries were also made into this:

1.Why did They not Charged The Suspect With Making Death Threats, which was also heard by the police themselves?
2. Why did they release a man who made death threats back on to the property where the victim also lives and without any conditions that he also had to comply with?

The information that I will provide regarding the Toronto police latest actions will also show that I am treated differently, by the police and this is of course not new information.

On Monday July 9, 2012 the police was called by me on a 911 call regarding death threats that were made by a man advancing towards me with a knife and also threatening to kill my animal, immediately. I called 911 and while I was talking to the dispatcher, the man Hugues Idholo Yala, who the police also called "Idholo Huges" in their report, and also in court documents, to protect his refugee application status, also continued to threaten death, towards the animal. Caught also on the 911 tape. Making comments like "I don't care, call the police, I am going to kill your cat right now". Other witnesses there claimed that they also tried to restrained him while I was on the phone with the police. I asked the police dispatcher if she could hear the threats and she said yes and that the police was also discharged and on the way. They attended in a few minutes, told the man to lay down on the floor and handcuffed him. All the while that they were doing so, he was still making the death threats
The man Hugues Idholo Yala was then taken to the 14 division police station and also released a short time later, to the same address where we both lived. I was shocked by the actions of the police to release someone who they had witnessed making threats to commit murder, back to the address where the victim also lives.

The Toronto police, later erased his comments, from the 911 tape, claiming that it was to "protect his privacy", after I also requested the 911 tape from the police headquarters.

But there was also more to come from the police. They also did not charge him with making the death threats, which they also heard, but according to the two police sergeants that I have also spoken to, he was charged with "threatening an animal". I was told by a sergeant, at that same division, that "the matter was discussed at the station and that was the charge that was laid".

They also made the decision, to release him on a form 10, with a promise to appear, in several weeks to the court, and with no other conditions. He was allowed to have daily contact with the victim, to remain in the same dwelling and to not even keep the peace, or to be without any further weapons, ot to stay away from drugs or alcohol. Standard procedures to safeguard the public, in a charge for violence, which the Toronto police 14 divison, did not even bother to take, regarding the man Hugues Idhole, in this case. Albeit that they were also a direct witness to his violence, regarding his comments, to kill an animal and to cause harm or injury, in the process.

Incidentally, when I called the police back on July 11, for more information, on the specific charge, a police sergeant there named Jackson, also told me that the court, also does not have the information as yet, about the accused, after the incident, when I asked if I could also called the court, to get that information. The information concerning his arrest and also charge, including the event number was also not in that police division's data base. I had to call back several times and also waited for a long time on the telephone, to eventually get the little bit of information that I did. And this was not from the 14 division police either, but police headquarters, about the accused, because they apparently had a different system, that records all calls and were able to pull that information up, though both the police dispatcher and the 14 division police, claim that they also did not have.

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