Class Action Lawsuit Against The Children's Aid Society And The Ontario Government

This is a class action lawsuit that has been filed against the CAS and the Ontario government. It was started by Kathleen Mattinson who is also the Founding Director of an organization called Cherish The Children (Independent Media). This class action lawsuit is also being promoted on facebook by John Rhykman creator of the group which has promoted it. The lawsuit was filed based on human rights violations and infringment by those mentioned. Anyone who has had a negative experience with CAS are asked to join this class action suit. For all those who are wlling to join her contact information is also posted on that facebook site as well. I have mentioned it here so that those who wish to know more about this lawsuit or who wanted to join the group which has promoted it could do so. I firmly believes that the CAS should be made accountable for its actions and the countless lives which it has destroyed through its negligence. It is also currently being investigated by the government as well. That to me has long been overdue in regards to that organization. For one thing for those lives which it has contributed in destroying there has been irreparable damages done to those involved. Both to the children and to the parents in those cases. I should know I am one of those parents who has felt CAS bias in its negative reporting and although my children were never a ward of CAS or has ever been in foster care, CAS has nevertheless made a negative impact upon our lives. For instance it was instrumental in my custody dispute with the other parent and acted very bias regarding that. It is a well known fact that CAS will take the side of one parent against the other in such disputes. Worst in my case CAS had refused to investigate any claims made against the father of my children or in regards to the care that the children were recieving, just so that he could retain custody of them. The results of this action by the CAS and the Ontario government (courts) has been the direct devastation of the lives of my children and the psychological damage which cannot even begun to be evaluated based upon this. What about those other cases also that has involved the deaths of children in foster care? I have met some of those parents and can tell you the horror stories associated with their cases and it all involved the negligence of CAS. I will mention one such case here. It involved a Black single mother, whose child died in foster care after CAS had the child removed from her care and while she was still in the hospital and just after giving birth. The circumstances pertaining to that, as she has related it to me also involved the hospital staff who tested her secretly for drugs, which came back positive. In this case the mother had been on prescription medication to deal with a trauma that she had gone through. Based on the positive drug test however her child was taken away and put into foster care where he later died while in foster care. I know the mother personally and knows that she would never take any illegal drugs. Her life and the lives of those other mothers who has been affected by CAS decisions against them has been destroyed in many ways. I hope that all those who has had a negative experience with this organization will now join this lawsuit against them. It has also become quite clear to those who are familiar with this organization that there are other motives other than what is supose to be in the best interest of children that propels this organization as well. It is not even necessary to mention here the scandals which has enveloped this organization such as those which has also been reported in the media and on this blog in regards to the actions of their executives and the way that this organizations spends its money.
My best description of this organization is that it has trafficked in the lives of our children. I think I can speak for all those parents who have been affected that no amount of money can ever repay for the damages done by this organization as far as our lives and those of our children are concerned.

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