Friday, August 14, 2009


These acts of State sponsored terror are usually the work of the Canadian authorities at all levels. And although the police is to be blamed for most of those actions some of the other Canadian government agencies such as CSIS are also to be blamed. Even though the latter is not officially a police agency it still works directly with other police agencies to provide information to them which are also often obtained illegally. For this reason alone it has been implicated in many illegal actions in regards to the gathering of information that are often used against those targets of the government that has included the torture of those persons within Canada as well as to contribute to the torture of other Canadians by other governments around the world. A lot of attention has been given to CSIS actions in regards to allowing the information that it has shared with others that has also led to the direct torture of innocents persons and for reasons that are known only to those involved in such conspiracies. The most famous of which is the Maher Arar case but there are countless other cases which are not so well known that has all contributed to the Canadian government's role in the torture of persons within Canada and elsewhere. In Canada victims of torture often are those who has belonged to a particular group or those who has advocated against this government's actions regarding social injustices in this country. Others are targeted for different reasons and I might add that none of those reasons are justified in the attacks against them. These are well orchestrated attacks and involved the used of methods that are illegal and often detrimental to the victims. The victims also has no recourse for help in this country as torture is not recognized as taking place in in this country by both the Canadian government and other Human Rights Organizations within Canada. This is of course a false view with regards to that issue and it is only by reading about this information from those who has been directly affected by this government's actions such as on this blog that you will get an insight as to the real truth in regards to that issue. In the meantime I encouraged you to support all victims of torture and human rights abuse by the Canadian government and you can start doing so by supporting this blog directly and the author who is also a victim of this government's conspiracy against her that has also seen the destruction of her life and other illegal actions by the Canadian government against her that has also denied her her rights within this country and has also violated international laws in regards to Human Rights regarding her case. This has included all Canadian government agencies working against her including the police and their tireless efforts to undermine her success and to destroy her outright. Everything written about them in regards to her case is factual and has continued up until the present time. As a result of the actions taken against her by those corrupted Canadian government agencies and officials she has become an advocate for social justice in Canada. Exposing the truth in regards to its human rights abuse and its disregards for respecting the rights of all persons in this country.