Saturday, August 22, 2009

Different Kinds Of Human Rights Abuse In Canada

Torture of political activists, disregard for respecting human rights, deplorable treatments of the poor and the mentally ill who are also arbitrarily taken off the streets and put in jail just to fill up the jails where many are often raped and given drugs against their will and for crimes that do not warrant such treatment. Systematic racism and oppression against marginalized groups in Canada and the denial of their rights. The corruption of Canadian government officials that is also routine and also regarded as a normal practice. Institutionalization of racism that is also pervasive in all areas of society and the targeting of those groups specifically by the government which has also led to the further denial of their rights. Arbitrary arrests and detention of political activists and the destruction of the lives of targeted persons by the government such as those who advocate on behalf of social justice in this country. The use of technologically advance weapons by the Canadian authorities against dissidents and against other specific targets and subjecting them to the violation of their human rights in other ways including the denial of their rights under the law. Most notably victims of torture and abuse by the police that are also carried out systematically by them against specific targets or groups. A political system that is racist and denies the rights of select groups of people as well as to oppress them.