There is in my opinion nothing honorable about this Justice of the Peace.
For those who are unfamiliar with the legal system in Canada, the information presented here should be an eye opener. Let me state this very clearly. Corruption is the order of the day as far as how Judges and Justice of the Peace, conduct the court. Few of them are morally upstanding. Most are corrupted and is part of the overall system that exist, that has also tramples upon the rights of people in this country. The case against Ontario Justice of the Peace Vasilios Bill Fatsis, is one of those examples regarding how Justices of the Peace, can act outside of their administrative duties, to pervert the law. The most common accusations against them is personal bias, influenced by other factors such as racism, or as in this case a conspiracy, I believed, not to exercise the law in my case. The conspiracy involved, I believed, also the police and the court and the fact that they have worked together to prevent me from exercising my rights as a member of the public. What I want to exposed here is what I believed to be the personal bias and corruption of that Justice of the Peace, Bill Fatsis, and how such actions on his part, has also interfered with the administration of justice in my case and as a member of the public. He has not only shown a disregard for those rights that I have, as a member of the public, but he has also not considered the implications of his actions, upon the public(which is what corruption is, when it is commited by government or by other public officials, such as in this case). What I had been trying to do, was to exercise my right to lay a private complaint (charge), against those persons who has been harassing me, repeatedly, for years in my home. As members of my Coop, I had been targeted by them specifically, for years and as I have mentioned here on my blog, that this targeting was also the result, I believed, of the police and those persons, acting together. I have been unable to have them charged for their attacks against me, or to exercise my rights, as a member of the public, thanks to the corruption that is also involved, which has not only included the conspiracy between those persons and others, such as the police directly, but also the court, as far as the influence of the police is concerned. It would appear also, that I am the one that they would like to charge instead, but because I have been exposing their actions publicly, they are acting in other ways, to try and interfere with my rights. Being the target of the police for many years, I also know how they operates. Since I also believed that they are behind the harassment that I have also been experiencing by those persons it is also no stretch of the immagination to believed that they are also involved in preventing me from laying any charges against them as well. They I also believed has been carrying out those actions on behalf of the police and others and with also with their open knowledge and consent. When for instance I called the police about them they did not even make a pretence of investigating. It was also very evident that they were not going to do anything on my behalf. But their influence also goes further I believed to influence also the court in the conspiracy involved. This is not an exaggeration. Once many years ago when I had gone to the same court to charge my now ex spouse the Justice of the Peace at that Court 1000 Finch Avenue West in Toronto in my presence called the police division in my area which is the Toronto's 13 Division Police (that is also implicated in so many other illegal actions in regards to me) and after hanging up the telephone he told me that I could not lay the charge. (It was a domestic case). So I'm talking from personal experience with that police division (13 Division)and that court. Other evidence has also included the appeals that has been made by the public in order to exercise their rights against the decisions of the Judges or the Justices of the Peace at that court. In mandamus decisions that has been made some members of the public has been able to later exercise their rights to lay a private complaint. But this is also an uncommon practice in Canadian courts as well. The public is usually told by the court staff when a Justice of the Peace has not respected their rights that they have no other recourse available to them. Formal complaints against those Justice of the Peace are also a waste of time because of the corruption that is also involved in the complaint process against them. The best recourse that the public has is to expose their actions publicly in the court of public opinion when they refused to act the way that they are supposed to and disregarded the administration of justice in their decisions. Evidence abounds in the Canadian Courts of Appeals in regards to their actions and especially in regards to their personal influence in cases before them. Sometimes the public gets a reprieve while most of the time they do not in regards to those Justice of the Peace who acts corruptly by disregarding the law in their decisions involving those cases. Other factors such as race also comes into play in their decisions such as when or if they decides to lay a charge and against whom. Personal bias on the part Judge or the Justice of the Peace is also nothing new. It has been going on for a long time and has adversely affected the lives of those members of the public who has been unfortunate enough to experienced it. Those Judges and Justices of the Peace are now being exposed by members of the public because they also finds that those dispensing the law has no regards for it themselves since they are so easily influence by other factors that also has to do with denying the rights of those members of the public. It is almost a waste of time to make a formal complaint against those corrupted Justice or the Peace or Judges in those cases. The public has found out that this does not necessarily stop those actions from them as the problem is so widespread. Their actions not only interferes with the fundamental rights of the person before them but also the law as well. I was also not entirely surprised at the decision of Justice of the Peace Bill Fatsis because as mentioned before he was in my opinion personally influenced by other factors other than the law when he made his decision at least in my case. Not the least of which is the conspiracy that exist which I also believed was the true motivation behind his decision in that case. To prevent a member of the public from exercising their rights because of scrupulous actions on the part of a presiding administrator of the court should also be contested by every member of the public. Justice of the Peace like Vasilios (Bill) Fatis and others need to know that the public is also aware of their actions when they dispense the law and when their actions also adversely affected the lives of the public. We often calls this an error of judgement on their part but that is only a nice way of saying that they are corrupted and that they have f--k you up deliberately. We will exposed them and their actions when this happens and take all steps to exercise our rights as members of the public. The public should then decides if they want such persons continuing to represent either the law or their interest for that matter. Corruption by the Canadian Courts is common knowledge in this country and the personal influence of those dispensing the law is also a problem that has often been ignored as well and when this is also influenced by other factors the result is always the miscarriage of justice that the public has to put up with. Like I said before formal complaints don't always work because the entire judicial system is corrupted. What matters is that those who are appointed to dispense justice do so fairly and in a manner that will protect the rights of members of the public. When they don't they will be forced to do so even if we have to make their actions public so that they cannot hide behind it any longer and continue to make a mockery of justice. What I want to exposed here is that the Canadian justice system is seriously flawed. When you have a system for instance that also allows the court to conduct a mock trial where evidence is also brought forth at those mock trials called a preenquete hearing most of which is conducted in closed door hearings with the participants being the only witnesses and no other members of the public. That is only the person laying the private complaint(or charge) and the justice of the peace as well as the crown attorney as well as the court administrative staff a lot can and do go wrong at those hearings. It is far different from a trial where in most cases there are other members of the public presented and can also observed the proceedings. At preenquete hearings the door to the court room is locked and no other persons are allowed in the court room except those directly involved in the proceedings. At no time at those hearings also are the accused present. It is a one sided proceeding that should have no basis in the law and also seemed to violate the human rights of the informant in that case having been forced to present evidence and to give testimony at those hearings and then after all of that the person wishing to exercise their rights regarding the laying of the charges cannot have the accused brought to justice. It is a seriously flawed system where the Justice of the Peace gets to act in ways that he may not normally be allowed to do had there been a real trial with other participants including other members of the public watching. Preequete hearings in Canadian courts are a misrepresentation of justice. Period. Justices of the Peace who do not act appropriately at those hearings because they for one believes that their actions will never be exposed because usually when they make a decision that is often the end of the case unless the public goes further and tries to appeal his decision which has also been known to get thrown out of court by another corrupt Judge or Justice of the Peace which also perpetuates the cycle of the denial of justice for those persons. It has been revealed here on my blog and by others that when Canadian Judges or Justice of the Peace wants to act corruptly they would also conduct closed door hearings and exclude the public from participating. They also forbids the recording of these hearings by any recording devices such as cameras and audio tapes. Rarely does the public's complaints about those infringes upon their rights are heard. In some rare instances the member of the public who was denied justice regarding their case by a corrupt Justice of the Peace or Judge will in some cases be allowed to have their matter heard a second time by way of a mandamus decision regarding their case. But like I said this is also not usually the case because efforts will be made to discourage the public from doing so and especially when they told by the presiding Justice of the Peace as in my case or even by the court administrative staff that that is the end of the road for in regards to that matter. The court has a responsibility to informed the public correctly about their rights and not to pervert justice further by deliberately lying to them about their rights. I encouraged the public to exposed those actions by the courts which conducts those hearings in such manner and revealed the names of the Judges or Justice of the Peace like Justice of the Peace Bill Fatsis who does so. Often it is because they wish to hide their actions from the public. Those actions by them that are in violation of the rights of members of the public and also has no basis in law. Preenquete hearings is a concept that is implemented by the Canadian Courts that fundamentally interferes with the rights of the public. Closed door hearings in general should also make the public suspicious regarding those conducting such hearings. It is a corrupt system and one that is so common in Canadian courts that no one questions it anymore. But one which also interferes with the rights of the public for many different reasons. I also want to mention the name of the crown attorney in that case Jennifer Rodopoulos who was in my opinion also part of the conspiracy to deprived me of my rights. This is how thy advance in their career in the legal system. By collaborating with others in perverting justice or in denying the rights of others in this society. They will disregard the evidence of the case and replace it with their own personal bias. I could mentioned here other statistics in regards to the discrimination that is faced by some people within the Canadian judicial system but it is a waste of time. As a member of a marginalized group I have gotten used to this kind of justice and as a Black woman I know that I am very much viewed as a threat to the current system as far as my views or in how I go about exposing their actions to the public. The reasons that I tried to exercise my rights to lay those charges has included being targeted by those persons that has also included being stalked by one or more of them and targeted and harassed by them on a daily basis for years now. They have even included coming to my door and banging on it or trying to open it with their keys as well as banging on my walls and other actions on their part. I mentioned these things here because the public can judge for themselves if those actions wouldn't cause someone to fear for their safety as I have done by trying to get those persons charged but because of the conspiracy involving regarding the police and the courts I have not so far been able to do. The bitch who acted as the crown attorney Jennifer Rodopoulos even suggested that I moved instead of trying to exercise my rights as a member of the public. The Justice of the Peace Bill Fatsis was worst and he demonstrated what so many others has already suspected. How the influence of others can affect their decisions. And most importantly how in many cases their decisions has no basis in the law or in protecting the rights of a member of the public. He was unconcerned about both my safety as well as how he had dispensed the law hoping that I would accept his decision openly violate my rights further and this was also clear to see by his actions of overlooking the evidence in that case. As a social activist and someone who has exposed this kind of corruption about them (court and the police) I therefore surmised that this was also a factor in their decisions in regards to me as well. This is one of those cases involving what I clearly believed is a conspiracy to pervert justice in this case. Not only by the actions of the Justice of the Peace Vasilios (Bill) Fatsis but also others involved to prevent me from exercising my rights or to further their own cause against me which is the same thing. "Canada Court Watch" website has a listing of Judges and Justices of the Peace from across Canada that the public has complaint about. Check that site out.

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